Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Gripe

I find it so incredibly irritating when people put their whole life's melodramas in their facebook and/or twitter updates. It's all like:
"Well Girl #1 was hittin' on MAH man at Place #1, then girl #2 shows up and is all 'Oh no you didn't!' bc she's obvi my best friend. LOVE YOU GIRL #2!!! Guy #1 is sucha JERK!"
And I just think to myself, "Self, do you think these girls really think everyone cares about this?" And then of course, Self replies, "No, no, they can't possibly think people really care." Of course, then I think to myself, "Self, isn't being 20 something years old too old to even be having thoughts like that?" To which Self concurs, "Yeah, it's pretty pathetic."



Anonymous said...

I feel like I know someone just like that. And then I know someone who is like emo on twitter and that is sad all in itself. ya know, like tweeting that she's crying herself to sleep....

Emily said...