Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oops. Two months later I am updating again... so much for that whole "once I get on a schedule" thing. I don't really have much to blog about I guess... I always just seem to talk about things I am liking or doing... and for the last two months it has been a rarity that I've had a quiet, empty, house that I could actually think about it! But, Zach's out, Minnie''s asleep, I've got pandora on, coffee in hand, and a pomegranate cider candle burning. Please see pictures to the --> for exact ambiance. :P And yes, I do drink my coffee with a straw. And yes, those are some seriously aged Nancy Drew books. They used to belong to my Aunt, she gave them to me when I was in 6th grade or so. Not sure if they're "original editions" but either way I find it fun to think about all the great people who could have read them before me! :) They belonged to her schools library!

So, I guess let's talk about things I like. I really like nail polish. I feel like of everything I highly adore, nail polish doesn't make it to the blog posts often enough. Wanna see all the ones I've bought since May? Oh you do... well okay... I'll show you :) Left to Right: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in 'Pink Blink', Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 'Shrimply Devine', Essie 'Jamaica me Crazy', Essie 'Coat Azure', Essie 'Cute As A Button', Essie 'Mod Square', and Essie 'Nice is Nice. And yes, I was able to do that all from memory. It really is impressive, one of life's odd talents. :P PS- Just in case you're judging me and thinking that 'Shrimply Devine' and 'Cute as a Button' are the same color. Totally not. CAAB is more of a pastel than SD. :)

I am also really liking my "Eli Young Band" Pandora Station. I know Pandora is so 2009, but I still love it. Especially because I can pick it up on my Droid and listen to it at work. I feel like my iPod is always dead so I can rely more on my Droid. PLUS I have some song selections on my iPod that are extremely awkward to find popping up at work. My friend, Callie, can probably vouch for that... as I've let her know in the past when they pop up in a silent office. :P

I've also really been enjoying two new shows that I can thank my friend, Heather, for bringing into my life.  'Psych' and 'In Plain Sight'. I was moping around the beginning of May about how there was going to be absolutely NOTHING for me to rot my brain watching all summer and she let me know about all the USA 'summer season' shows. (Although, to be fair, Psych season 6 is coming back in October, so now it will be a standard 'short season' show). Check out your Netflix instant view for both of these gems.

OKAY. I am going to go obtain some new, probably work inappropriate music to jam to at the gym and on my runs. Yep, I just "said" jam to.... and on that note....

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