Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh hey there...

So I kind of failed on that thirty day challenge thing, huh? Sorry! The enticing world of Law & Order dragged me in, then my fun new Kindle came, and then well the semester started... but alas the excuses could go on for days... so I'll try and get on to the fun stuff.

So, here's 'what's up'.

1- I've come the the conclusion that whenever Daivd Schwimmer will always be Ross. I mean literally, he is never going to be any other character to me. A few weeks ago I was at the gym, and he popped up on some strange movie, and in season two (I believe) of 30 Rock he pops up as Greenzo (please youtube this if you haven't seen it, priceless) but every time I see him I think, "Oh hey, what's Ross doing here?" and not, "Oh hey, it's David Schwimmer!". Sorry Dave, you'll always be Ross to me.

2- This Saturday Zach and I went to see "Just Go With It" which had tons of famous lovelies in it including (but not limited to): Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Dave Matthews. Such a cute movie! I was a little sketpical because to be honest I find A. Sandler to be a little weird and crude, but he actually toned down his vulgar personality a little in this movie so I really liked it. Plus um... there's a very interesting scene involving Dave Matthews and a coconut that you won't want to miss... just saying

3- I, Emily, have pretty much given up coffee as a necessity. Now, let's not mistake this for me saying I don't LIKE coffee. I absolutely adore coffee and we're still the best of friends, but I couldn't get myself to drink it without needing creamer and so I kind of started to feel guilty. I'm gradually switching over to tea or to diet coke (which was my original drug of choice) and saving coffee for special occasions so I don't feel guilty about all the creamer (half n half really) that I put in it.

4- So um, I have been toying with confessing with this for a while- and this is number four on my list so you must really like me if you've read this far. But um, I have a secret twitter and talk to some friends who live in various parts of the country whom I've never met on it. I actually received birthday presents and cards from three of them. I know it sounds totally weird, but it's actually really kind of convienent. One, because since I had the whole world at my disposal we actually have things in common. Two, since they're pretty much scattered up & down the east coast with the closest one being I believe seven hours away, I don't have to feel guilty for not ever having time to hang out with them. Alright- go ahead and judge, but I love their friendship and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Oh- and no duh I am not telling you the user name if you ask. One person knows it because their a sneaky little fox, but I'd prefer that they keep it private because sometimes its best that things stay the way they are. Okay I lied, one person, and then Zach- but he doesn't even completely know what a twitter is so I think my secrets safe. But seriously, please don't try and find it- sometimes privacy is nice.

5-  A few weeks ago I read the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series, and I'm not going to lie, I plan on reading the whole series. So interesting! Plus I'm a sucker for anything charm-schooley and New England-y. I know they're kind f 'below my reading level' but if you had to read the 'scholarly textbooks' that I do for my accounting classes, you'd understand what a nice retreat it is from that stuff. You know, sometimes it's nice to read something without hearing words like 'interest', 'materiality', 'assertion', 'financial statements' etc.

Anyway- since 1-5 have been a lot of words I am going to end now with pictures of stuff I like because let's be honest, it'll probably be another month before I update this again.

This yummy tea- Lipton White Tea with Island Mango and Peach Flavor! Add two splenda- YUM!

Pink flowers- and the color pink in general

My fun new Kindle- even though I've hardly been able to use it lately! :(

That spring training has begun!! Phillies time!! So happy that I will be getting to see some of my favorite me back in white and red. (Cliff, I'm not sure if I've told you but I am SO happy to have yo back)
Puppies :o) (like always!) This one is a Westie.

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