Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Random Facts

So um... I watch a lot of YouTube videos because I'm fascinated with learning about people, even if I'll never meet them. Anyway... a "tag" that goes around every so often is the "Five Random Facts" tag- so I thought I'd share. Depending on how well you know me, you probably already know some of these. But sometimes people don't know things.... so let's begin, shall we?

#1- Okay, don't laugh, but when I was younger I had a stuffed pig and I named him Porkchop after the dog on Doug. I know, I know, I know, so awful (especially since pigs are my favorite animal. But I just didn't really realize the irony in his name choice. Anyway, I'd get really offended when people made fun of me for naming my pig "Porkchop" so I'd try and lie and I'd be little miss dramatic and exclaim, "His name isn't Porkchip!! It's PORTchop." Yeah- because that makes total sense...

#2- I have a serious medical phobia. If I'm going to the Dr. for anything other than my standard, "Look- I have a sinus infection PLEASE give me an antibiotic!!!" I worry. And I mean this in that I will cave and last minute move appointments, and I will dread the appointment all day, or for a few days before. Additionally, if I go to the Dr. and they need to do anything as simple as draw blood, remove a freckle, get a cavity filled, I get nauseous. I can recall three times in recent history that I've found myself passed out on the floor, or on the little patient bed thing. And don't even get me started on when people talk about medical things. I can't think about internal organs, especially the brain. It just creeps me out and I get overwhelmed. It's sad too because I can make a conscious effort to stay calm, and say that this is completely fine, and normal, and it doesn't matter. My body reacts..

#3- If you ask me my name (Emily,... you better at least KNOW that much!) I say it "Emma-lee" I don't pronounce it the way some people do "Em-mil-ee" So, in 6th grade my best friend ended up being a girl named Leigh... so I thought it would be cool if instead of my name being spelled "Emily" that I spell it "Emma-leigh". So, no lie, for like 3 months I wrote on all my papers "Emma-leigh" like that would somehow change my name. I'm still surprised my teachers didn't kill me!

#4- I love the weather channel. It just fascinates me. Sometimes I sit there waiting for the local on the eights (even though I could totally bring it up on my phone) and get so entangled in the latest natural disaster that I don't even realize I've been through the "local on the 8's" three or four times. Seriously though, hurricane season & blizzard seasons are some prim-o viewing times on the weather channel. They also have this show (couldn't come up with the name of it if you threatened my life) where they like play out what would happen if a natural disaster hit a certain city... and one time they did I think a tornado in Washington, D.C. in like August at 5pm... it was so interesting.

#5- Hide your Grandpa.... I have the strangest habit of developing crushes on old men. And no I don't mean "older" men I mean, literally like someone's Grandpa. Let me just elaborate, although a little arrogant I have a crush on Alex Trebec. Additionally, the weather-man Bob Burnette Kurie (spelling) "BBK", yep, I cried when I heard he was retiring because I loved him so much. I also think Richard Geare and Jack Nicholson are just about the most charming men in the world. And if all that really wasn't creepy enough, I keep developing crushes on our forefathers when we talk about them in my US History class. (Although I feel as though I should say, we're currently through John Quincy Adams and I did NOT develop a crush on him!!)


roxygal21 said...

#3 I believe I pronounce it "Em-mil-ee" too.

#5 Yes, some old men look really good. Like, Anderson Cooper.

xoJamieliscious said...

OMG, I love Richard Geer. I was obsessed with him when I was little....kinda strange haha. I don't know what to say about the forefathers LOL