Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Hello, hello. Wow two blog posts in one week? I guess I'm quietly revolting from school because I didn't do any homework Tuesday or Wednesday night either. Helloooo senioritus! But in my defense, I started college my senior year of high school, and have had about three really intense years, so I don't feel too bad. PLUS, I just got back a 97 on my first History test! Hah!!

Anyway today I just thought I'd tell you some thigns. Nothing particularly important, just sharing some facts.

#1- I am fascinated by colonial America. 100%. I always forget how interesting I find it until someone is telling me about it. It's just SO interesting. And I don't just mean one perspective is interesting, I enjoy hearing ab out the Indians, I enjoy hearing about the colonist, and I enjoy hearing about the English history of the time. And I almost always wish that I could go back to the 1600s and just see it. I know its not glamerous and there were no iPods or Android phones, but I still really like it.

#2- I've been better this week about getting up when my alarm goes off (mainly because I haven't been doing homework so I've gone to bed at relatively decent hours). As such I've been able to turn the enws on for a few minutes and I'm really at a loss for things to say about what's going on in the middle east. I can't imagine living in an area where there was such dramatic political instablity. Plus once again I find myself frustrated because they always find a way to bring gas prices intot his. Seriously, it's like when you're 14 and everytime yous tart to get smart with you parents, or you get a bad grade, and they threaten to take away your computer or phone. I mean seriously, can we come up with a new threat already.

#3- I've been trying to drink more teas lately because I can't drink coffee without the creamer and I know that the creamer can add a ton of calories and fats to it... so I've started up on tea. And so far there are two lipton varieties that I really like. The first is a white tea (which sucks because it totally has no caffiene and I didn't know that right away so of course I got 'the headache') which is called "Island Mango and Peach." It is so yummy- more of an afternoon tea to sip on while you're reading a book or doing something more pleasant than say, waking up at 5AM to study for the aforementioned aced history exam. I've also really liked their black tea (can I get a heck yeah, for caffiene- even though its only about 1/10th of whats in my coffee) which is in the Bavarian Wild Berry flavor. I'm going to look into finding teas with a bit stronger caffiene content but I think as a general rule of thumb they are all going to have less than my dear old friend, coffee.

#4- I took some pictures of some flowers for you. Later tonight I am going to put up a pretty picture post of all the reasons I love February.

#5- Sooo, I've kind of been loving baskets for the last year or so. I haev two on my bathroom counter one holds things like hairspray, body lotion, body wash (I have about 5 body washes because bath and body works always sucks mei n), and just random things like that. The other holds hair stuff like my blow dryer, my straightener, and hairpins, brushes, and elastic bands. HOWEVER, I have been on the hunt for a basket that I can envision but I can't quite find. I want it to hold my makeup. I want it to be about 8-10 inches tall and about a foot long,a nd I want it to have 4-6 sections that I can throw various products like blush, eyemakeup, and lip products in. But, I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.

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