Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 1

Now Playing- Grace Potter & The Nocternals " Paris (Ooh la la).

So I thought I would rehash on my progress today, and then also just share some tid-bits.

Skin- I washed my face this morning and after my run with my new "Olay Pro-x face brush" and the face wash that came with it. The face wash doesn't give me the overwhelming clean feeling but I wanted to try something different. If I need something with something stronger I can always go back. My only fail is that I probably should have washed off my makeup before my run. Oh well- starting off perfect would leave no room for improvement. :P

Running endurance- I ran 3 miles today. I had planned on going further but it was pretty windy and the fact that I had no music  had me a little unmotivated. The important thing was that I got out there and that I wasn't even a tiny bit winded after my 3 miles. I also didn't run "fast" so I kept my heart rate lower which is good for building endurance.

Spend less time on the internet- yeah nope.

Get to work earlier- I didn't succeed on this one today. I set an alarm for 4:45 and got up and turned it off and was for all purposes "wide awake" but I just wanted to get more sleep. I didn't want to get up and study. So I slept a little late. I think tomorrow I will try and be out the door by a little after 7 (whenever it's bright enough) and pick up some coffee with one of my many giftcards.

Save more- I don't know that I really had the opportunity to do this today. I woke up and went to work and then came right home and went running and put things away, etc. I mean I didn't do any online shopping but I normally don't... weekends are my bad time.

So- some Tuesday tid-bits.
-I'm really motivated for the next year.
-I really love writing new years blogs- very reflective.
-I am mildly terrified about all the hours I will have to put in in the next 4.5 months at work.
-My brother and sister in law got me a Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle for Christmas and it smells like fabulous snickerdoodles. I <3 it. 

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