Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Working on me

Yeah- it's been a while. My life is more consistent now and I feel like I don't change up my routine too much. I feel like I always come back to my blog when I want to work on myself... almost as like a "diary". Anyway here are things I want to start working on TOMORROW. As my friend Jill says- why wait?

1) My skin. I blame part of the problem on a change in medication but I think part of it is me. I don't get enough water and I don't eat that healthy so I want to work on getting my skin cleared up. I used to get compliments on it- I'd like those back.

2) Running endurance. I have a 10 milers to due MARCH 4th and I'd love to not have to walk any.

3) Spend less time on the internet. I feel like that's a funny item to put on this list but it's true.

4) Get to work earlier- more consistently. IE- get out of bed the FIRST time the alarm goes off.

5) Save more. I buy too many little thing. Things should be "treats" not expectations.

:) I might come back to this and update it and add a few but I wanted to get some of these off my mind before I head to bed. I am going to START TOMORROW! I am getting up when that first alarm goes off! Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today?

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