Wednesday, March 30, 2011


#1- Um... if you read my lent post. It basically failed. I did good for about a week and then the 2nd week of  lent was the week of mid-terms and between work and three tests and a paper being due that week, things just didn't get done. Oh well. I'm on a project get healthy, but whenever I talk about it, it goes down hill. So... lips sealed :)

#2- I have some really exciting news that I want to share with everyone on facebook, but I can't/won't until some final things go through. SO excited though. I can't wait to share pictures and the news! ;)

#3- Phillies game on Saturday! So pumped... for so many reasons. First, my boss says I don't have to come into work Saturday- WOO HOO! (I don't mind working- but I also like sleeping in.. sooooo ya know) Second,.... CLIFF LEE pitches. Or rather, he SHOULD be pitching as long as Friday's game doesn't rain out. And third, come on it's Philly: Phanatic, Cheesesteaks, big buildings, home-y feeling... what's not to adore?!

#4- Today's daily puppy literally has me in a cuteness coma. She is so precious that I practically hugged my laptop. (Please, stop judging me :( )

Just go look at her and there won't be a question in your mind as to who is the sweetest puppy in the whole wide world :)

#5- I wrote out all the big days in May the other day in Auditing and I realized that between the 10th of May and the 23rd of May I have 9 days with relatively "big" events occurring. I am SO going to need a nap on memorial day weekend!!!

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