Monday, January 18, 2010

What's up Em?

I cannot believe that it was one month ago EXACTLY, that the semester ended. Sadly, that means it's getting ready to start back up again, and I am increasingly dreading that. However, for anyone whose read my "Spring Semester Goals" you'll see that I'm going to try and make it a better semester than the fall semester!

Anyway, here's what's up with me this week. Prepare to be jealous of my incredibly boring life. This week I'll be working Tuesday through Thursday for the most part of the day. Tomorrow I am going to get up super early and drag my butt to the gym. I plan on doing the elyptical for 30 mins plus five cool down and then the bike for 15 plus three cool down. Which means, that I need just under an hour of time at the gym. So, if I want to be at work by 9, I should probably get to the gym around six thirty, which means I need to be up around 6:10. Ohhh yuck! But I can do it! Anyway, I'm going to do that everyday this week I hope, just to get into the swing of going to the gym early in the morning again, because I need to be in that mindset for the semester.

Friday morning I'm going to bring all my stuff back to my apartment and drop it off, and then head over to work around 9 or so. I'll work probably until 3 or 3:30 and then come back to my apartment to unpack. Hopefully my mommy and daddy will take me out to dinner one last time that night. Then Saturday I'll go grocery shopping and load up on the semester essentials while I'm out. (Aka highlighters, pens, pencils, notecards). Then I plan on spending Saturday doing a nice long workout at the gym, and cleaning the apartment REALLY well before the semester starts. (I get really OCD at the beginning of the semester). Once I've done that I think Z will come over and we'll have one last final real date night, before the semester, and inevitably the baseball season start. I know I can still have date nights during the semester, and during the season, but during the semester even on date nights I can't get my mind off of what I'm supposed to be doing in my studying and stuff. It's awful.

Anyway, I hope to try and keep up with my blog during the semester. But since no one besides me really seems attached to this, I could really see it falling to the wayside.

I am thinking of doing a video series called "Through the Years". It's on youtube, and the idea is that for each year of your schooling you do a video blog talking about the things that happened that year, who your friends were, what was going on in the world, etc. Let me know if you'd be interested.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm going to go watch some more bones and snuggle into bed for the night.



Liz said...

Ego boost!
I always read when you post (thank you twitter.) And also, since I am mildly OCD I tend to check everything on the internet (in alphabetical order or, in the order that takes least time to most time. It's pathetic) and I would be sad to no longer have one other thing to obsessively refresh when there's nothing going on.


Bex said...

Yeah, Em, I read every post also. And my blog is lame, I only have 2 or 3 followers, at least you have 10.