Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Semester Goals

#1 Try and read more consistently for classes, and not just the two weeks before a test. I know that two weeks before a test is still a lot more than most people do. But I still freak out and feel like an elephants on my chest when I only give myself two weeks to get things done. So my goal is to prepare more.

#2 Acquire at least 2 new pairs of dress pants and at least 3 new dress shirts for formal presentations, and to be used as clothing during my internship.

#3 Make weekly "goals" lists.

#4 Get to the gym atleast 3 times during the academic week, and both Saturday and Sunday. During weeks of 2+ exams, I will allow myself to only go to the gym twice during the academic week.

#5 Be less vocal about my fears about forthcoming tests. I know I get on people's nerves because I freak out about tests and then do more than fine on them. I wish people understood how legitimately unprepared I feel before the tests though.

#6 Get a massage over spring break. Since I will be working the week of spring break, I think getting a massage will be a well deserved 'pampering'. I'm sure it sounds like a waste of money to some. However, I am someone who thrives on having something small to look forward to. So in theory, looking forward to my massage will help me stay calm throughout the first half of the semester.

#7 Eat atleast two real meals during the academic week. I know this sounds stupid to some people. BUT you need to understand that last semester most nights I had poptarts for dinner. So unhealthy.

#8 Read atleast one magazine a month. Again, I know this sounds stupid, but I need to force myself to do trivial things. Reading a magazine can be done in little spirts here and there. Plus, I'm less likely to get so distracted by it that I put off real work for like days at a time.

#9 Actually try to work the hours I tell my boss I will, EXCEPT during heavy test weeks. Last semester I would tell my boss that I could work these days from this time until that time, and I ended up leaving early almost all the time so that I could work on things. Then with the switch of jobs (which won't happen this semester obviously) I got so off schedule that I barely worked. I got way poor. Was not good!

#10 Relax!


Bex said...

you have to read a magazine or two a month now! I just got the redbook and cosmo mags in the mail today! Yay! I called amy and told her. Oh and also ramdomly I'm getting good housekeeping too?!

Emily said...

This is so exciting...