Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Thoughts

Sorry lovelies! I know I didn't do any blogging yesterday, but I was super sleepy, really into Bones, and needed to pack! So, now that I'm 75% settled into my apartment again, I'm ready to blog! :o)

Thought #1- I cleaned my my bathroom, my closet, all my desk drawers, and everything out today. I reorganized and refolded everything. It has recently occured to me that not everyone is as "tidy" as I am. But, I seriously don't understand how these people live. Like how do you just let nasty dirt/dust accumulate?! Ugh drives me crazy!! I still need to vaccuum a declutter a little more.. but if I want to be showered/ready by 6:30 when Zach get's me AND get a blog in, I've gotta give up for the day! :P If anyone is interested in seeing my immaculate apt. please feel free to request pictures :P.

Thought #2- Bex, Amy, and I all decided to get a magazine subscription together (who do I owe money??) which would "force" us to get together once a month to read the magazines and chat. Bex says we have four magazines already! (We got back issues apparently :P). So I'm pretty excited for that, and hope we find a few minutes to get together to do that this weekend.

Thought #3- I am in complete denail that the semester starts on Monday. I am just going to operate under the belief that if I deny it long enough it won't come!

Thought #4- I almost died at the gym today. Okay, okay, okay. I probably wasn't actually going to die.. but I was doing 30 second sprints (moving 8.5 mph) and then 30 second walks (about 5-6 mph) on the treadmill. I pushed really hard on the last "sprint"  and I seriously think my heart was about to burst through my chest.

Thought #5- My room-mate C made vodka gummy bears, and I could seriously eat the entire bin. She keeps offering them to me (I have a weak spot for candy!) and forgetting they have vodka in them. Oops.

Thought #6- I finally threw out a pair of jeans. I haven't done that in like 2 years because last time I got on a "cleaning spree" I threw away all but like 4 pairs and didn't know what to do.

Thought #7- My mom gave me this purple pen at some point towards the end of the semester, and I'm writing my grocery/wal-mart list (these are two seperate trips mind you) in it, and I swear it makes my mood 10 times better.

Thought #8- I keep wanting to write a blog about this episode of Bones that I saw the other day, but I don't have time. And I'm not even sure entirely what I want to say about it. I just want to comment on it, because it was so warped, but I could definitely see it happening. Hum. I will get on that tomorrow. I sa-ware.

Thought #9- I have completely abandoend my farm on farmville, I'm sure I might go back to it at some point, but for now.. It's just too much work. Obviously I'm not stressed yet. :P

Thought #10- I really need to take a shower before I go do something with Z later, but I don't want to shower, because I just got my shower all pretty and clean. I dont want to get toe prints and water spots on it :(.

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