Tuesday, January 19, 2010


#1 I kind of want to get some reddish highlights again. However, I don't really want to spend like $50 to get them. It just doesn't seem logical.

#2 Tonight I had a "Bad for you coffee" (White Chocolate Mocha) and it was so delicious. I haven't had one in probably six or seven months.

#3 I'm on season 4 of Bones and so incredibly excited. Getting so close to being all caught up. Side note: I always think that Bones' makeup is really pretty. I wish I could pull her look off.

#4 I went into BBB earlier and saw that they are putting the comforter I bought in summer 08 on clearance. This makes me really sad because I love my comforter and it's a really specific style (it's suade on one side and suede on another) and I don't think they're getting any more like it :(

#5 I have an unnatural sentimental attachment to candy hearts. I think it's because when I was little my parents always got them for me for valentines day. Also, my mom used to always put them on my birthday cupcakes and stuff (since my birthday is so close to Valentine's Day).

#6 I really like Valentine's Day. And it's not because I'm in a relationship and have someone to spend it with. But, it's a day that truly embraces all the stuff I like. I love chick flick movies. I love pink. I love girly stuff. I'm not sure :o) I just really like the holiday. It reminds me of being little and giving Valentine's out in class. :P

#7 The only reason I am even mildly okay with the semester starting again is because it means I get to buy school supplies. I know, my life is so pathetic.

#8 I really want to go ice skating.

#9 That song that goes "Ayyy, must be the money!" is currently playing on Kiss 105.5 and I can't help but remember summer in middle school. Gym shorts, t-shirts, pony tails, and swimming in Lauren's pool all afternoon and night. I'm surprised my hair didn't fall off from all the chlorine damage.

#10 I really need new gym apparal. But I just cannot understand the outrageous prices they charge for them. I was looking at a pair of Nike shorts the other day in Dick's and they were $55. And all I could think is that I'd be paying $55 dollars to buy a pair of shorts that no one I knew would ever see me wear, AND that all I would do is sweat in. Why, why, why would anyone pay that much for clothes they're jsut going to sweat in!?


Liz said...

I'm thinking of changing my hair too, but hopefully more drastic than just highlights. Although, I keep saying it and never doing it, and all that money could be going to moving out of home. On the flip side, nothing makes me feel better than a good haircut and color! It's a vicious cycle.

Also, gym clothes are ridiculous. Last year I started doing hot yoga almost daily but only had 2 sports bras so I wen out to buy more. It was 35 a piece just for a bra that one, no one will ever see, and two does nothing to make me look better. I was annoyed, but it was that or be doing laundry all the time.

Hannah said...

Ride Wit Me by Nelly is the song!! It's my all time favorite rap song.. silly, I know. But I have been very excited because they keep playing it all the time on the radio now! It's old school. :)

Bex said...

I haven't had a "bad for you coffee" in months either! I can't justify the calories when I can make an iced coffee with creamer and splenda for 50 cals.