Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flower Bouquets that I love

I love looking at all the fancy bouquets on flourist websites. I never expect to get any of these bouquets, because they are so expensive (especially when you consider the "shipping" costs!) But I thought I'd share some of the ones that I think are adorable! :o) These actually are in order from most favorite to least favorite, but I love them all!!


These are my absolute favorite. I love the colorfullness of the roses, and the little sweethearts below it. This is so colorful and cheerful and beautiful. I love it!!


I just think that this one is really creative. I love the little margarita glasses, and the pinkness of it all. It is so girly and pretty. Love it!


I love the yellow in this bouquet. It's so happy. It'd be perfect for summer! (Or a FREEZING winter day, to remind you of summer).


This is a "plum" version of the above bouquet, and I jsut think this is gorgeous. I love all the shades of purple, and I think it'd be a really pretty bouquet to get. The lemon one was fun, but this is just so gorgeous. :)


All the other bouquets were really fun, and happy, but I think this one is really sweet and romantic. But, it's not that traditional bouquet of roses. I love that it's in the little silver cup and that they mix in the white flowers with the red. This looks like it'd be PERFECT for a romantic Valentine's Day :)

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Bex said...

#5 also reminds me of Christmas
I wish someone would buy me flowers, even if they are cheap ones. lol.