Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life Updates

Nothing particularly interested has happened in my life lately, which is why my "thoughts" updates and "update updates" have been so few and far beteween. Hold on, I need to put this post on hold and get some tunes. H'okay! All better! Except... now I'd rather dance than write. Life can be so difficult. Anyway here are some snapshots from my recent life.

Snapshot #1
I went to Wal-mart this afternoon and I got these little tiny eyebrow razors (3 for $2.48). I decided to give in and try them because I cannot shape my own eyebrows to save my life. The idea is that you use them to get the random hairs between your eyebrows and to neaten up that outter edge. Then, after you've done that (and ofcourse applied something so that your skin doesn't get irritated) you lightly run the razor above your eyebrow to remove the excess hair and create a shape. Then after that you go through and get some of the hairs on the bottom with tweezers. Overall, I was pretty pleased. I cannot do eyebrows to save my life... so I think I managed to make them look pretty nice.

(Not sure what's up with my eye color here)

Snapshop #2
I really love blogging, but I feel like I very rarely have anything interesting to talk about. More than that, I feel like noone reads/cares about anything I have to say, so I do wonder if it isn't simply a monumental waste of time. I suppose this isn't a "snap shot" so much as a "thought" but I'm doing a "snapshot" theme today... so I guess it's a "snap shot of my mind".

Snapshot #3
Mr. Seay's Memorial Service was today. A lot of people went. And I do feel kind of badly that I didn't... but I have issues with memorial services. I always feel like they're full of people who hardly know the person who has passed on. And I guess it's great that they can ackowledge that a great person has left us, but it bothers me. Also, the way I see it, is Mr. Seay (as well as everyone else's memorial services who've I've missed in my life) knwos how I feel about him. I've honored him in my memory, and I've passed on the words I wanted to share already with his wife. So could I have gone this afternoon, yes definitely. But I feel like I do him a greater justice by simply embracing the traits he thought were important in life, and actually doing the things that he wanted all of his students to do. I'm sure it sounds silly, but it's just how I feel about the situation. And I do sincerely hope that people are not offended or hurt by that mindset.

Snapshot #4
"Watched" Angesl & Demons with Z tonight. Only fell asleep twice. Score.

Snapshop #5
Facebook is being funky.. It keeps telling me that people have commented on my pictures. Totally haven't. Additionally, I'm getting tired of reading other people's drama on there. I mean, I guess I kind of put up way TMI sometimes. But I just kind of like to talk. So sometimes I think of deleting all these people, and I realize I'd only have like 4 friends. I knowww. Sad!

Snapshot #6
Speaking of friends, I don't really have any. I feel like I'm in a weird phase of life, where everyone is either ahead of me or behind me. And thus, I have no friends. I've never done the crazy party college scene, and I don't feel like I fit in with a lot of my old friends anymore. I always get my feelings hurt when I hang out with people. I don't know. It's weird. Maybe I am just hard to get along with. Or maybe I just need to join a group for people who love kitchenware, purses, bedding, towels, coffee, books, and accounting. Too bad that most of the things I love others find mind numbingly boring. Ahh life!

Snapshot #7
I keep day dreaming about finding this really cute furniture (generally it's bargains that I get for like 5--10 dollars at yradsales) that I can sand-down and repain or restain. I really want a little night table, and to give it a distressed look, but like white paint, and then a distressed look, that I can keep like blankets, and magazines and stuff in. However, even if I find said furniture and redo it, I have no where to put it. As I am very likely still living in UP next year, which provides you with the furniture.

Snapshot #8
I do not for the life of me understand what is going on with my skin right now. I have had 3 pimples in the last two weeks. I know, I know, I know, WAY TMI. BUT this is really frustrating because I seriously don't think I've had a blemish on my face since summer except for random like dry spots of skin that last like 4 minutes. I've been eating more sweets since I've home, so I'm hoping my skin will calm down and go back to being clear and pretty any day now.

Snapshot #9
I am terrified for Intermediate Accounting II. I feel like I have a reputation as "the smart girl" to live up to. I'm not even sure how I ever managed to get that reputation. I never have any idea what I'm doing. If people knew how serious I was they'd be scared.

Snapshot #10
I really, really, really want to do another 5K, or a 5 miler I am doing one on Feb 7th at the hospital because it's free. But, I want to do another like "big" one. But they're so expensive. They're a big 10mi/5k at the college (Not going to name it as it could potentially lead creepers to know where I live) in March. But whether you do the 10mi or the 5k it's $35. And the money does go to a good cause, cancer research, so I shouldn't feel that bad. But $35 dollars is such a big part of my yearly income. I mean would I spend that much on jeans, yeah, but Jeans last. And I know donating is important but I'm just not in a position in my life where I can afford to just donate that much money 4 times a year. I did $25 in October for the race I did then, but ugh. I don't know!

Snapshot #11
My knees still constantly hurt after I run. It's not really my knees I guess. It's like an inch and a half lower than my knee cap, but I can only best describe that as my knees. They're always sore and achy and I'm not sure what I can do about it. I try to run outside when it's warmer, and I use the elyptical (sp) every couple days at the gym, and I bike some too. But they are just always sore. I don't really know what it is. It seems like it's something not specific enough to go to a doctor about. But I'm not even 21 years old. I feel like that's way too young to be having consistent problems. So, if any of you medical people out there have any idea what's wrong with my knees, or just below them. Pleaseee let me know! :o)

Alright, I know I never end on odd numbers, but I remembered that I wanted to say something about my knees after I'd already come up with "10 Snapshots" so I hdad to add it. Anyway, good night love bugs!

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Bex said...

Britni runs a lot on a daily basis and her knees always hurt too. I don't know if it's the same spot or what.