Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slackin' slackin'

I feel like I've been slackin' slackin' slackin' lately. I have about half an hour before my next class, so I thought that I would do a picture blog of some of my biggest vices. ;) I bet it's going to take you a long time to guess #1 :P

#1 - Coffee
Iced, hot, with sugar or with splenda. I don't care. I just love it, the only way I won't take it is black. 
#2 Twitter

I am not even kidding you when I tell you that I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I am a tweetin' maniac. I just tweet about everything. How far I've run at the gym, what color my shoes are, a pile of snow on the ground. Anyway. It's just so fun. It gives me something to do when there's an elephant int he room to whom I do not want to confront. Additionally, if you tweet. FOLLOW ME. But I suggest not getting my tweets to your mobile device... you'll be over your monthly text limit in about an hour

#3- Makeup
By no means am I great at makeup but I've gotten pretty into it lately. I think it's fun... and pretty, and girly, and um.. sparkly and pretty and pink? What girl doesn't love that... aha :) If you have any brand suggetsions, coupons, samples or products you don't ever use .. just send 'em on along my way. 

#4- My iTouch
I love my new iTouch. :) I find new things it does every day, and it's so fun to listen to and play games on. I just love it. Plus how awesome is this... I have an alarm set to go off every day that prompts me to get up and go to the gym because no one likes a lazy girl. :) My iTouch is my own personal drill sargent... good thing I'm not in the Army, cause I don't listen to it very well

#4- School/Office Supplies

This one isn't anything new. I love school supplies. If you saw my blog a few months ago you saw that I had just organized my new desk organizer. It's still goin' strong... there's just something about a new pack of pens.....

What are your vices??? :) Make a blog!

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Bex said...

this was fun, I think that I will do one too, but I feel like my vices change so rapidly.