Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

#1- I rediscovered my clinique foundation last night and I really like it. I realized it's in color shade two, and that if I went to color shade one (which I'm not sure why the girl didn't give me the lightest a few years back when I bought it- because I'm really pale) it'd match really well. So I might purchase that sometime. However.. it's $23 dollars... so maybe I'll wait until my momma wants to buy me a present or something. :) (I am such a bad daughter)
This is the Clinique I am referring to by the way, "Perfectly Real Makeup- Shade One" 

There's a link to the website. However- if you've never bought it before I'd go into your Clinique counter so you can make sure you get the right shade. But I do love, love, love this stuff. It's moderate coverage (not too light, not too heavy). 
#2- I just tried to sign up for a taste test- I'm not eligible for  any at the moment... bummer.

#3- We're supposed to get another 2-4 inches (that's what they're saying at the moment) of snow tonight. Not sure how I feel about it. It's supposed to go into tomorrow morning, so I mean... I guess I might miss one of my classes... but probably not both. And it'll just be so wet here again. Gross. Gross. Gross.

#4- My stomach is feeling better than it was last night but it keeps ggurgling :(.

#5- I think I might consider just doing the 5k instead of the 10 miler in the race I signed up for. . . I really want to do the 10 mile.. and I can run 6 or 7 miles.. but I'm just worried that on race day I won't be able to pull out all the stops and do the full 10 :(. It makes me kind of sad, but what can you do??

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Bex said...

Emily, don't give up!
Do the 10 mile, run as far as you can and walk the rest or until you can run again. You should finish it, even if you don't run the whole way!