Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts.
#1- Where did the weekend go?! It’s already 7:40! My goodness!
#2- I went running outside again today (I did yesterday too).. and I’m starting to wonder if I’m in shape enough to do the 10 miler. I’m not running to race, I’m running to finish and for the sense of accomplishment. But, I don’t want to make a fool of myself, or walk. We did 5 miles and at that point I was having trouble breathing. Hopefully running outside more will get my lungs workin properly.
#3- I want coffee so bad. And donuts. I am such a fat girl at heart.
#4- I want nothing more than to throw on some sweatpants and go to sleep. But I want to do some blogging, and I want to get some other homework done. So I guess that’ll have to wait.
#5- Tonight I had Captin Crunch with Crunchberries for dinner. I know most college kids enjoy another type of Captin, but I think this is my favorite
#6- My parents usually help me out with groceries during the semester so that I don’t need to stress about them so much.. and probably to make sure I actually eat. And earlier my dad said that that he wouldn’t take half my tax return if I just paid for my own groceries for the next two months (I owe him money for fronting the repair on my car’s steering). And I was like you know are you sure, that’s really not as much as the bill was blah blah blah. And they were like yeah it’s fine. Then my mom goes, “BUT YOU BETTER EAT! DON’T STARVE YOURSELF!” Really, I have been getting this a lot lately. People think I don’t eat. It BAFFLES me. I love food, how are people getting the wrong impression!?
#7- I am thinking that tomorrow I’ll get up at 5:30 do some power yoga, go to the gym, run 4 miles, then come home and get ready for class at 9. Then after class at 9 I’ll go to the lib, work on my business law test outlines (test Friday) and some stuff for Intermediate II. God help me…
#8- Someone from Texas viewed my blog today. I think that it ahhh-mazing!  Especially if they liked it and will come back again!!
#9- I made spaghetti (well actually not spaghetti noodles, so I guess pasta) last night for Z. and I! I mixed some browned beef in with Regeu garlic and sauted onion sauce and it was so delicious. (: (: (: Plus it was nice to talk to and joke around with him since we’ve barely seen each other all week!
#10- I started this blog an hour ago and had some hope of getting homework done tonight but I just don’t see that happening. I am soooo sleepy. So I’m just gonna call the homework idea off I think.. nothing too pressing.

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Zach said...

People probably think you dont eat cause you say you eat cereal for dinner! When do you get your vitamins!?!