Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- I went into work this morning and there was only like 2 hours worth of work to do so Zach and I got lunch then came back here to do work. It was pretty awesome.

#2- I ran 6.3 miles today at the gym. And then I came home and decided I'm pretty sure I had some kind of food poisoning or virus... 5 hours later.. I still feel crappy. I'm running a mild fever (99.6- but I run cool anyway at normally around 97.8). It's just really strange... I never get fevers.

#3- Going to my accounting information systems class makes me grumpy I think.

#4- Today I finally got rid of one of my old pillows and put the temprapedic one officially in it's palce on my bed... I looked at the tags on the other one to figure out how old it was and discovered that not only was it from "Hecht Company" (which we haven't had in town for nearly 10 years) buttt on top of that the price tag was $10. OLD. Very old pillow. You would never pay $10's for anything in hechts

#5- If you ever have any questions for me you can ask them anonymously at http://www.formspring.me/ed16564

#6- Hannah texted me today and it pretty much made my day. I love feeling like I have friends :P

#7- Today's puppy of the day is absolutely precious. I mean, not so much that I feel I need to spotlight the little angel... but I mean, I am letting you know how precious s/he (totally don't remember) is... so maybe you should go check them out. (There's a link right over there ---->)

#8- I would probably sell my soul to be on House Hunters on HGTV. I seriously love that show.

#9- Today I realized how bad my coffee addiction was. I was seeing starbucks logos in the recycling signs on trashcans...

#10- I really love soft pretzels. No- seriously. I really do. I get them atleast 3 times at week at school. Sometimes I get them with soup and dip them in it like bread. Others I get them alone and put mustard on it.. and others still I get the cheese filled ones. Seriously. I love soft pretzels...

*** Seriously, I talk about food all the time. I am not understanding how I don't weight 1000 lbs ***

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