Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Thoughts

#1- Oh thank GAH. I survived Monday. Yes, that is my thought. I feel like Monday's are the hardest day of the week... and they kind of are because they are the longest 'school day' for me. But seriously. So excited that it's almost over.

#2- One Tree Hill is on in just under an hour... so I am pretty excited. :)

#3- I've had about 3 nonperils in the last 10 minutes. My body may go into chocolate overload.

#4- I took the morning off from the gym and running today. I feel really bad about it. . . But I need the break. I am really worried that I won't be in shape for the 10 miler in a few weeks though :(

#5- I need to still finish my operations management outline A.S.A.P we have a reading quiz tomorrow.. I'll do that when I finish rambling.

#6- My intermediate I accounting professor made my SEMESTER today. Last semester we used this program known as cengage  to do our homework and it was really helpful because it let you know when you were doing stuff wrong, and you could go back and keep trying til you got it write. And my intermediate II professor didn't use it, so we don't have the option to for his class. AND TODAY she asked him if it was okay if she approved those chapters for us to work on the homework and he said yes. I feel like my life has literally been saved.

#7- Very, very, very few people are going to understand this. But I really wish I knew where Jerry Loos got his CPA. Seriously.

#8- I want to go to the beach really bad. I wish it would stop being cold and miserable and pretend to be spring. :(

#9- I only had one small cup of coffee today, but then I had a diet pepsi, and now I'm drinking a diet coke... so I guess I'm still jacked up on caffeine. Woops.

#10- I don't know if I've ever explained this problem before. But I feel like I NEED to get up at like six in the morning every day, but I really love late night TV. So... I never get sleep. It's a problem.

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