Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

#1- I watched 6 episodes of Bones today at work while scanning people's text books. I felt like a big lazy butt, but I'm about to watch some more.
#2- Ran four miles today after work, outside. It felt soooo nice to run outside again! Too bad I discovered a little icy (and by little I  mean a 20 foot stretch of road) patch. :P Luckily I didn't fall!
#3- Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper = favorite thing about life.
#4- Cramps = The Worst
#5- I really want to own a Wii, even though I get bored playing video games.
#6- I saw this comercial the other day for an exercise game for the Wii, (and your computer) that had like a little camera and it tracks your movements and it tells you when you've done an exercise right. I really want to know what it was calld because since you can use it with your computer and NOT just a video game system, I would consider purchasing it.
#7- Had to go to Wal-Mart today. Always the worst experience of my life.
#8- I got into my pj's at 5:30 today. I am suchhh a slacker.
#9- I wanna go visit my big sister, but I can just not seem to find an economically feasable way to do this.
#10- Brennen on Bones (aka Bones on Bones) always wanted a pet pig when she was little. I also, always wanted a pet pig when I was little. I find this to be just another sign from God that I am meant to be with SASB.
#11- Speaking of pigs. When I was little my dad used to call me in the room when pigs came on the news and cut out the articles in the paper about pigs. Now, he points me in the direction of the aricles that mention PKS, where P stands for Pigg. I find this highly ironic.
#12- I read my horoscope on iGoogle every day... but I can never figure out what they mean.
#13- Phillies season is getting close <3 <3 <3 <3 Don't know what I'm going to do without Robot Cliff Lee to oggle over. Perhaps Lidge will pull his act together this season, and if worst comes to worst I'll just drool over Hamels and Utley. <3
#14- I really need to file and paint my nails. Whenever I have long nails I scratch at myself in my sleep and really irritate my skin.
#15- Birthday is getting close!! 25 days :o) Too bad it'll probably be super boring :(


Shaina said...

The video game is Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy, I think. I know it had her name in it some where!

Bex said...

#3 LOVE diet sodas. tip Diet cherry vanill dr. pepper is sorta bland (surprisingly)
#5/6 Yes it is Your Shape, I saw it at Walmart. I believe it was a bit pricey? But so is Wii Fit (so awesome). james got me a Wii for xmas and then his parents got us Wii Fit Plus!
#7 I love walmart, everything's cheap and all in one trip. I'm lame tho...
#12 I hate horoscopes