Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favorite Songs to Turn Up Real Loud (Current)

o I want to download some new songs to put on my phone (Which I take to the gym with me during the sem.) And these are some of my current favorites, that I want to remember to add to my music collection. :o) But I thought I'd share!

#1 (This really is my favorite of the moment!) Cascada- Evacuate the Dance Floor

#2 Iyaz- Replay

(The irony is that I almost always have to listen to this song more than once!)

#3 Jason Derula- Whatcha Say

I just loveeee the "Whatcha say" part so much :P
 #4 Jay Sean- Down

#5 Orianthi- According to You

#6 Jason Derulo- In my Head

#7 Miley Cryus- Party in the USA

(Oh don't lie. You know you love it too! I have literally witnessed a car full of 20 something guys blaring this song and getting their grooves on. Quite possibly one of the most awkward and amusing moments of my life. )

#8 Shakera- Give it Up to Me

(So this music video is a bit provocative, but I really like the chorus, and it's a really high energy song, again- good for running.)

#9 Ke$ha- Tik Tok

#10 Justin Beiber- One Less Lonely Girl

(Okay, so this isn't something I'd necessarely run to. BUT this little boy is adorable! And I do like this song, and I couldn't find a #10 that I'd run to, and I can't have an odd number, SO I included this. :o) Bite me!)

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Bex said...

James and I love the song, Evacuate the danc floor, which is number 1 on your list!