Monday, January 11, 2010

Pet peeves!

Okay! So we all know that I love to be grumpy and complain about life. So, I figured nothing better than a pet peeves blog!

#1 Dirtiness and Filth
I completely understand and accept that some people are not as OCD and clean as me. (I am guilty of leaving my bed up made and having piles of clothes but it's all organized chaos, and even my dirty is still organized). However, what I cannot understand is people who are just filthy and blatent about it. A few summers ago my friends A & M were in my car and discovered my "dirty little secret". I had tons, and tons, and tons, and TONS of McDonalds bags hidden under my passenger seat. When A went to move the seat she found them all. I was MORTIFIED. And it was kind of based on that moment, that I concluded I am not a dirty person. And I feel like if you're dirty, or just leave crap laying around all the time, it's not a good representation of yourself. Being organized and clean are really important life skills in my opinion and they shouldn't be neglected. I just can't fathom how people live in just complete nastiness. Ugh. It is is gross. If I keep thinking about all the messes in the world I'll probably feel the need to get out my pledge, so I'll stop.

The aforementioned "dirty car" fiasco. I was so embarassed! But I can come clean. It was after all, almost 2 years ago.

#2 A-motivational syndrome.
Another thing that I find incredibly irritating is that some people just float through life and never put energy into anything. Even if it doesn't affect me and is something so little as a class mate not doing a presentation (that has no bearing on my grade) it just frustrates me. I don't understand why people just don't do things, or why people do such a medicre job at things if they even do them at all. I guess this goes back to the "How you're portraying yourself" idea that came up in PP#1. If you do a lazy presentation, or you don't do one at all, you're not putting a good image out there. It says nothing positive about you at all. I just can't get my head around why it is that people just don't do things.

#3 People who have everything and work for nothing
Disclaimer: My parents do pay for my room and rent, however I do afford my own bills, groceries, toiletries, books/additional education costs, and most of my standard car related issues. (I recently had a $640 car expense that my dad's helping me take care of while I pay him back in installments). To handle these expenses I currently work about 35 hours a week in the summer, and 10 hours a week during the school year at minimum wage. Last year I took home less than $5000 after taxes.

Okay, so here's my rant. I go to a school where a lot of people come from pretty privilaged families near the big cities. Because of this, their parents are able to get them nicer than average things, and keep them kind of 'cutting edge'. That's not really my complaint. I don't mind that other people have nicer things than me, or more than me. That's fine. That's life. Someone always has more, and plenty more have way less. However, what really gets my panties in a twist is when people have things like brand new cars, thousand dollar purses, designer clothes, and fancy electronics, and they don't do anything. They don't work (not even during the summer), they don't take care of their nice things, and when they go around acting as if these items make them entitled. That! I just can't deal with. I have always believed in "help those who help themselves." For example, if I've been working my butt off to pay for my text books, my mom might buy me a thing of nail polish I liked, or a book at Barns & Noble. However, if I just sat on my butt all year piddling my life away at parties, I wouldn't be provided these nice things. I'd have to work for them. And I just really hate the coddling that these people are getting from their parents and society. Yes, I really do think it will come and bite them in the bottom one day. But for now, they're still #3 on my pet peeve list.

#4 People who have big, scary, dogs and make no attempt to train them
Some dogs take a while to train, some dogs are just stubborn, some dogs are just flat out HARD to train. However, everyone needs to at least make an attempt to train theri dog. ESPECIALLY if you're dog is a stereotypical dangerous breed, weighs more than 50lbs, and/or can jump up and put their paws on your shoulders. This isn't to say that smaller breeds shouldn't be trained as well, but if you're dog can pose danger to a full grown human being you NEED to train it. There is no excuse.

#5 Chewing
I really hate when I can hear people chowing down on their food. I know we all make noises when we eat. However I find the noises repulsive and quite infuriating if I'm already in an unpleasent mood.

This list could go out forever. However, I'll stop at #5 and save some more for a rainy day :o)


Bex said...

I started commenting and then it got so long that I just made my own blog post, so check it out.

#1, there was a vitamin water mixed in there too. not totally embarassing.
#3, that's what my entire blog post is about
#4, I pretty much afraid of all blogs

ObviouslyCC said...

Sorry I'm messy lol but it stays in my room!
I hate people who have everything and work for nothing also. Do something with your life!!!
The end.