Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Hello, helo, hello everyone. I have a few minutes to write some thoughts down so I thought I would. :) I miss  my blogging but the semester just keeps piling more work on top of me and my weekends seem to be so filled with things (not the least of which includes some good ol' fashioned being lazy) that I never really get around to it. I can't believe that its been almost a week again.. I need to write this wrong. So run my mouth I will, at least for a few more minutes :)

#1- Zach brought my an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts earlier and it is so amazing. (I am paying him back I insist) But as I was walking to school this morning I needed one. It's just an iced coffee kind of day. So he ssaid he'd bring me one, and he did, and he is fabulous :).

#2- Yesterday my glasses came in so I went to pick them up and it's seriously amazing to me how much I wasn't seeing. These only get my vision up to 20/70 distance and 20/40 up close (which is prety good for the upclose thing) so I'm just fascinated that if this is what I can see at 20/70 what are people with 20/20 or 20/15 seeing??? I mean seriously... everything is so much more textured than I realized. :P

#3- This coming Saturday I am helping my sister move in Richmond with my mom, dad, and Zach. It's going to be a lonnnnng day. Like I said- this is why I don't get around to blogging as much anymore!

#4- My feet hurt so bad right now. I'm not sure why- I think my running shoes are on their last leg. Thankfully the Easter Bunny promised me he'd look into getting me some new ones. :) Yay!

#5- Shadowing last Friday was actually a lot of fun. I really liked the people I met, and I even kind of have an accounting twin over there. Well- not that we both do accounting the same way- but with life style stuff.l For example- both of us considered parellel parking a highly over rated skill and think that it's unnecessary to learn, and that if we ever have to do it, we'll just get someone to park our cars for us. Additionally- we both consider meals, "meals" only when they involve meat. (Excluding pizza, but it's MORE of a meal when meat is involved).

#6- The accounting test on Monday could have gone better. It could have gone worse, but I feel like I just made some mistakes that were stupid. I had a dream last night that I got a 71% on it. And yeah that's not AWFUL... but I'd really hope I do better than that because I studied essentially all of my spring break.

#7- I took the most ridiculous short answer test yesterday in my Accounting Information Systems class. It was seriously 10 shrot answers, and one of the questions I didn't even know what it was ASKING me. I've never felt like I was BSing so much on a test, and I've never NOT known what a question wanted. So basically I just wrote him a note below the problem explaining that I wasn't really sure what he wanted from us, and that I apologized because I'm always prepared for tests, but I really just have no idea what he wanted me to do for this question, and I left him all the information I did know on the subject matter (payroll taxes).

#8- I have a coral cami and a light yellow sweater on and flip flops today. It's sprinnnnng.

#9- I was just a few minutes ago doing some leisurely wikipedia reading on Revlon and I really find the company very interesting. It was created during the Gread Depression, and I always find the companies that survive the Great Depression interesting, but there were just so many other little things. I think the traditional makeup companies (not the new ones) are very interesting to learn about from a business stand point. Why? Becuase they really were pioneers at their time of creation, and creating a cosmetics company in the 1930's where the primary market was women (who had only JUST gotten the right to vote) fascinates me. I think it was the start of something pretty interesting in the world. As dumb as it sounds I'm really interested in doing more lesiurely research on cosmetic companies

#10- I got my hair cut over spring break and I'm just still not okay with it. I think it either needs more dimension (aka better cut layers) or to be shorter. It just feels puffy right now. I don't know- maybe that's weird. I just normally find hair cuts satisfying and this one isn't doing the job.

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