Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Thoughts :)

#1- I'm in the computer lab and it is taking an unreasonable amount of self-control NOT to sing along (loudly) to Michael Bolton's "Lean on Me".

#2- I won my debate this morning... and I got a 91 on my accounting mid-term. I know. Can't touch this. Just kiddding :).

#3- I miss my TV shows. Secret Life ended on Monday night and I'm not okay with the season finale. Let me recap it for you. Ashley invites a guy over while her parents, and Amy, are out of town. Grace is alone. Jack and Madison are still together (or is it Lauren... I can't keep whose who straight)... and weird. Amy spends the night at Ricky's apartment with John for his first birthday- mean while Ben calls and says he'll always love her. But then Adrian thinks she might be pregnant (with Ben's baby), and at BEN'S FATHER'S WEDDING! You see them go off so Adrian can take a test- but you don't find out. Legit if Adrian is pregnant I will punch Barbara Hampton or whatever her name is. Gah- this show is frustrating. It is literally absolute rubbish but I just NEED to know what happens.

#4- It is disgusting out today. Rainy and like 45 degrees. Seriously. And windy. It feels like ice hitting you. Speaking of the weather- have I ever mentioned how much I love the weather channel?? legit. I just sit down and watch it sometimes. <3

#5-I like to call things precious.

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