Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21st Birthday!!

All I can say is that I had THE most amazing 21st birthday ever! :) :)

#1- Got up when I wanted to and did my yoga before class
#2- Got dressed and did my hair like I'd wanted it to be done before class.
#3- Z. stopped by with coffee and a present and took me to my 8AM! :) (** What a sweetie!!! **)
#4- Got to watch last nights episode of "Secret Life" at work because we were scanning!
#5- Got to study for my B-Law test! :) Did well on practice questions
#6- Z. stalked me around campus and surprised me with balloons!
#7- Went to Plaza with my parents and Z. and my parents spoiled me wayyyyyyyyy too much. I swear. I did not deserve it!!
#8- Came back to my apartment and got some personal time with Z. and got to chit chat and play with my new iTouch! AND we found out that campus was closed for tomorrow... which allowed for the fun mentioned in 9 & 10 to occur.
#9- Got drinks at Market Street with some of my nearest and dearest!
#10- Went SNOW BOARDING (aka butt. boarding but w/e!!) in the park afterwards AMAZING!

Check out the little birthday banner my friend Becca made me! :) She's so talented! You can view it here!! :)

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xoJamieliscious said...

Market Street was definitely a good choice for a 21st bday! They have great drinks. Glad you had a nice day.