Friday, February 12, 2010

sorry!!! I'm back!

I know! I haven't updated my blog much in the last week, but I blame the snow. I mean not really, I mean it really has technically given me MORE time to update than I had before, but it just makes me so sleepy, and I have such limited interaction with the outside world, that I don't really have much to talk about! :(

So here are some interesting tidbits about today!

#1- I did my make up this morning even though I will be spending the entirity of the day in the lib, but it looks so pretty! :) I know you can't really tell in this picture at all because it's bad quality but I'll show you anyway. I did my normal face routine and then I put a light clay color on the lid, a deep reddish brown in the crease, and a gold highlight on my brow bone. It's all Revlon Cream Eyeshadow, and that really is my favorite :)

To be honest, I'm well aware that you can't tell at all in this picture, but I don't really know what to do about that :P.

#2- I got an iTouch for my birthday from my parents (who really, truly, did spoil me rotten) and I ordered a little case for in off of eBay for like 4 dollars. It's cute and purple! Wanna see??? Isn't it cute???
#3- I get to taste test today finally, and I am pretty excited about it. I keep checking my email though because I'm afraid they'll cancel it because the roads are so slippery!!!

#4- Tomorrow Z. and I are going to see "Valentine's Day" and go out to dinner and I am super excited! I know it won't technically be on Valentine's Day that we're going out, but I know myself, and I just wouldn't enjoy going out on a Sunday as much as a Saturday because of school work and such. :) Whatever, who cares, he's my Valentinnneee who cares what day it is??? :)

#5- I'm watching Regis and Kelly because we had a delay this morning due to the slippery condition of campus, and I'm excited. I love Regis and Kelly but I never get to watch it because it always comes on after I'm already on campus!

#6- I decided not to work out today because I was really tired this morning, and I did run five miles yesterday, and even though it's only been power yoga, I've done everything every day this week. However, I still feel kind of guilty about it. Weird???

#7-  I've been trying to convince Z. to let me pay for something for our Valentine's Day date. At one point he was like no I want to do it all, and I was like fine, then let it be your Valentine's Day "gift" to me (I got him a little sumtim' sumtim' but I'm excited to give it to him so I honestly don't care if I don't get something back :P). And he was like.. well if paying for the movies is that important to you, you can. Andddd so I was like, OH! It's because you've already gotten me something isn't it?? I said "YOU GOT ME TEDDY DIDN'T YOU!?!" Soooo I'm basically entirely positive that I will have the adorable puppy I mentioned in my blog  a few weeks ago by this time Sunday...

#7.5- Please allow me to keep this delusion

#8- I love Valentine's day colors! :) I love the pinks, and red, and sparkles!

#9- I've decided that for my birthday present to me, I am going to get my self one of the Vera Bradley Tech cases because I've wanted one for a really long time to keep my camera, and now my iPod, in. They're pretty big, so I think I could very easily fit both because I don't have a big camera at all, but now I'm not sure. Should I get it to match my purse and my wallet? Or should I just get a random pattern that I like?

Keep in mind that NOT everything in my purse matches. I have an ID thing on my key which is cupcake green, a purple punch ID case that I keep change in, and a Daisy Daisy eye glass case. What do you think??? 

#10- In the spirit of Valentine's Day I am going to do two other posts "How we Met" and "How we Got Engaged" in the coming days!! :) :)

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