Saturday, February 13, 2010

How We Met :)

It was back in April of 2008, and I was out canoeing with my two friends Mike and Andrew. Well I guess I should adjust that statement- I was in the middle seat, so I watched, as Mike and Andrew did all the hard work. Anyway, at the time Mike was in the mundane, required, gym class at school with Zach. Mike kept bringing up stories about "Gym Lady" (No lie- that's seriously what Mike called their teacher), "Bendy-bendy girl" (Again, no lie.) and Zach (Should I be offended that he doesn't get a cool nick-name???). As it were, I kept hearing about Zach. And I thought to myself- I want to find out who this "kid" is, he sounds interesting.

That night when I got home from canoeing I looked for him on facebook. (Oh, puh-lease, like you don't do it). Luckily, this was way back in the day before facebook cared about privacy and allowed proper stalking. So I did. Looking through his stuff, I realized he seemed kind of familiar... I said, "I feel like I know this kid." Which was all the motivation I needed to send him a friend-request. The next day between classes I got on my facebook to see, that he'd confirmed my request. I wrote on his wall, in the cutest, flirtiest way possible. After a few back and forth comments, I confirmed, what I'd known since Mike had been talking about him in the canoe. I was going to date this boy. (Too bad he didn't know it yet...)

For the next couple weeks I used my wiles to get him to meet me for a few minutes in Fulton, and sit alone through half a jazz concert, and talk to me and text me. Then finally, with his boyish charm he asked me, "So ya wanna be my girlfriend?" on May 9, 2008. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Moral of this story?? Emily knows what she wants, and gets it. :) 

And in the spirit of being lovey dovey, here are a few of my favorite pictures of us!

July 2008

Virginia Beach Aquarium (As if I needed to add that, this one was Piknic'd) 
Christmas 2008
April 2009
Phillies!!! 4th of July 2009
February 2010

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Zach said...

I beleive the actual wording was "I was wondering in you wouldn't mind being my girlfriend too much?"