Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I love Today

Joshua Radin

Apparently this was on Bones- but I have no recollection of what episode it was on. I'm sure it was in season five sometime- but I have no idea when! I do love it though- it's beautiful. <3

The Gieco Pig Commercial

Oh my god- I literally have no idea when I last laughed so genuinely, so much.

The Eli Young Band

God I love this song- I owe so much thanks to Pandora for delivering the great music I have in my life to my life. This song might be my favorite but I also really like "So Close Now" and "Oklahoma Girl". I really wish they performed on the East Coast- no such luck!

Matt Schuab

Okay,... first of all, lets all look at that nice looking bicep... lots to like about him. But today, we're liking that he earned me 48 fantasy points as he got 497 passing yards in the game against the Redskins. Sure- I'm bummed that my Redskins lost, but the quarterback for the Sweetsville Sparkling Roses did FABULOUS. And I mean again, do I need to reiterate how good looking his biceps are?!  Definitely loving Matty-boy today.

My Nails: Glove You So Much

The only thing I don't like is that when I got them done I didn't clip them too short
first- which means I'm chipping them faster. But anyway- this color is "Glove You So Much" from OPI's Christmas 2009 Collection. So, so, so, so pretty! It matched the shoes I wore to the wedding I went to yesterday PERFECTLY!!!

My Tart Warmer

 Isn't it pretty? Plus when I want a new smell I can just buy a $2 tart instead of having to buy a whole new candle! How exciting?!

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