Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

#1- I think I'm getting a cold? Or my allergies are getting really bad.. but I've been taking Zyrtec everyday for almost a week. This morning I woke up with a really sore throat and my nose has been really stuff all day. Not a fan of this. Momma suggested I take Sudafed but I didn't call her until right before class and I don't want to run out now... so maybe I'll get some tomorrow.

#2- Kind of upset that my nails are already chipping as much as they are... I only got them done last Friday and they're chipping pretty decently.

#3- This weekend Zach and I are going to a Phillies game (I believe I mentioned this previously) but since my test got moved we're going to spend the whole day in Philly going to museums and doing a bit of shopping downtown. Aka I'll look at a lot of stuff and won't be able to pick anything that I like more than anything else so I won't get anything.

#4- I washed my sheets today and I did the cotton sheets in one load, my comforter in another load, and then because I didn't want to do two more loads I did my bed blanket (which is like knit cream color) and my fleece blanket (red), and now my bed blanket is slightly pink. I honestly don't regret it- just feel a tiny bit silly. I'd washed that blanket before I didn't think it would bleed!

#5- I've really been loving my pink grapefruit tictacs... although I might be slightly biased because they are after all... pink !

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