Friday, September 17, 2010

Things I'm Loving

I know! I've been so MIA the past few months it's insane but yesterday my friend Jamie asked me if I still blogged and I was like oh my gosh I LOVED writing silly posts about the things I was madly in love with- so I think I'm going to try being better about it! Let's start with some things that I have been loving the past few months! Pictures will be included as always because I love blogs with pictures!

The scent Dark Kiss by Bath and Body Works

Oh my gosh- words cannot explain how in love I am with this scent. I own the body wash, the body lotion, the body mist, and as of today the bubble bath and I am just in love. It's a berry, plum scent with a hint of vanilla and I just love it. It's perfect for fall and really makes me think of getting a cup of coffee and curling up with a good book by a fire, or of going for a walk in a hoodie on a really cool fall night. I just love this smell- words can't explain it. 

I've never been a bath and body works girl- but I've been getting obsessed lately because I can always manager to get such great deals and bargains. My friend Emma sent me a coupon through email the other day that was one free 'signature body item' free with any $10 purchase. So I got my bubble bath- which retailed at $12 free when I bought two 4ox candles (for $10 total). I just feel like that's a really good deal. I mean normally with coupons like that you have to buy the more expensive thing and then you can get the cheaper item for free- but that's never how it is with them- at least at the local location they're always trying to help you get the best deal.


I've also really been loving candles lately- I've had to branch out from my favorite Yankee Candles due to their growing astronominal prices- but I love candles all the same. I'm interested to see how the ones from bath and body works are and if they're fragrent. I got one in "Frosted Cranberries" and another in "Spiced Apple" which is lovely because now I have some very autumnal scents- which pleases me quite a bit. I don't know they're just something very soothing about having a candle flicker and make your room smell pretty.

I'll definitely let you know how the bath and body works candles work out for me if you're interested! (:

Tax Accounting

If you don't know I'm taking four accounting classes this semester- and most of them I really don't like. I just feel as though they're boring and I just don't like the material we're covering. As such, I've been trying to find one class that I actually do like, and I think it's tax accounting. It's very much formulas based which most other accounting isn't, and it's interesting to dream up all the possibilties and figure out if you can get a deduction for them.

For example, the other day in class my professor was saying that you can claim as a dependant your friend Bob if he sits on your couch all year eating your food and not having a job. Interestingly though, if instead of Bob you had your girlfriend Jenny living with you doing the same thing- you could not claim her as a dependant. Later we got talking about how although some states allow same-sex marriage and you could file as married on your state tax return, since the federal government doesn't recognize it, you couldn't file as married on your joint return. SO being the inquisitive person I am I said "Using that logic then, since the Federal Government doesn't reognize the same sex person as your husband/wife could you then claim your 'more than friend' Bob whose lived on your couch all year as a dependant" hahaha. I am soooo getting audited this year

This song

Okay- it doesn't apply to my life at all but I like the melody a lot and Colbie has such a wonderful voice that I end up falling in love with almost every single one of her songs for at least a few weeks


Emma said...

Hi Miss Em! I'm so happy you got your B&BW goodies. Frosted Cranberry really stood out to me in the shop-- that is one I want to go back and purchase for sure. I'll check out the apple one too because I don't remember seeing that! :)

Great post. :)

xo, E

Liz said...

Hallmark stores are having ridiculous sales on Yankee candles right now, something like 40% off if your interested!!