Monday, September 20, 2010


Happy Monday Everyone! Three posts in one week? Woah! I'm getting pretty good at this again. Anyway- I am currently giving myself permission to be lazy for about another 15 minutes or so so I figured that I'd update anyone who cares on my semester/life as of late.

School- I really just don't like this semester. I always feel like there is work that I should be doing but its almost always "reading" which is hard to keep focused on especially when you're reading in advance- because you don't have any idea what half the material means and it doesn't feel completely 'necessary', ya know? Plus- I am a morning person I like to get all my responsibilities out of the way first thing in the morning and then do my work late in the day but this semester is asking me to do the compelte opposite. I don't have a class before noon (except gym, but for real does that even count.. its gym) I just don't like it. I can't get into a good rhythem and I'm always tired because my body just doesn't get what it's supposed to be doing. It doesn't help that I really don't like my Advanced Accounting at all, and the only class I actually 'like like' is tax... so it's just like.. not fun. :/

Work- Work is work. I work Thursday from 8-5pm which is nice because it leaves me about 2 hours to get ready for class (7pm). Although when the time changes I'll probably  have to boogie closer to 4.... because I need daylight to drive haha. And then on Friday's I'm going in anywhere between 10:30 and 12 and then working until 5. It's okay. If you don't know I'm doing the book keeping for one of our clients on those days (I technically go into PKS on Friday but for the past few weeks I've had work carry into Friday so I've just gone there) Anyway- it's fun but I miss the work people- I feel like I work for our client not PKS just because I never go into the office except once a week to throw my t ime in the computer and check my email.

Life- Life is good. This past weekend I went to the wedding for Zach's boss and it was pretty and fun. After that we drove up to Rehoboth in hopes of seeing the Phanatic at the Green Turtle.. unfortunately I grabbed the wrong locations address so we went to the wrong one! Woops. After we had our "snack" we went to the Yankee Candle Store at the outlets (because I have a problem) and then came home. Next weekend we're going to be going to a Phillies v. Mets game on Saturday so that is going to be tons and tons of fun <3 Philly!

Anyway- I've procrastinated long enough I should go to the library and read a little bit before classes this afternoon... I guessssss.

Ooooh! And real quick make sure you check out Dexter over there to the right in the Daily Puppy Widget I have on here. He's a golden doodle, which if you don't know, is my favorite breed of big dogs (:

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Emma said...

Happy Monday Emily! Hope you have a good week. PS I love Golden Doodles as well. :)