Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone has a case of the Monday's

And that someone is me!  Here are some of the thoughts swimming around in my head right now.

#1- I have so much to due and get done this week. I have a test at 8AM tomorrow, I have to find time to meet with my group after 3PM today and before 3PM on Wednesday tod oour tax adjusting entries for accounting, which are due Wednesday. I need to finish a Peachtree project for another class (due Thursday) and then Friday I have a take-home test due, a debate (which oh, by the way, I have to meet with my group for Wednesday night, and probs Thursday) and a 7PM "make-up" class on Friday.Worst. Week. Ever.

#2- It's cold. I know it's way warmer than it has been. But it's still cold. I want to wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt and my Rainbows to class. Not boots up to my knees, a sweater and a wool peacoat.

#3- I need high-intensity jams for my 10 mile run on Sunday. Leave me suggestions people. If I die because I have to listen to the Backstreet Boys on mile 7, I am holding you all personally responsible.

#4- I am getting my nails painted over my spring break. . . and that thought is sadly keeping me going.

#5- I want to go to the Outter Banks! I mentioned that in like my 4th blog post, and I still want to go. It's so pretty, and beachy, and light-housey, and there's this really yummy resturant where the waitstaff don't wear shoes (legit. we went there last time we were down, we were served all you can eat banana puddin' from a guy not wearing shoes. epic). Anyway, I awnt to go but I don't have the money to go down even for a night I don't think over spring break. :( Oh well- I guess it'd still be cold there in 2 weeks.

Alright- I'm gonna go and be productive. X's & O's.

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