Thursday, August 12, 2010

MAC Lip-Product Wishlist

So... if you're a guy this probably isn't for you. But I thought I'd make this blog to do a wishlist for all my most wanted MAC lip products. Yes- they can be a little pricey, buttt oh well. It's a wishlist for a reason!

All images are googled- don't own any of them. Cause I mean... clearly if I did I'd own the lip products and wouldn't be wishlisting them!

See Sheer
Spice It Up


Pinkarat Lustreglass


Ornamental Lustreglass


Lucyslalaland said...

They would all look so pretty on you. If you show this list to the right people around Christmas and your birthday then you never know you could end up with one of them!

Lauraaa, said...

what a beautifull colours!
I like the lovetorn :D