Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Funday

Helllllo. Happy Sunday Funday (:

I'm going to try and make a concentrated effort to may more attention to my lovely bloggity blog. So.. here are some thoughts.

#1- I got my new little dresser thing from Target yesterday. Kind of on impulse but I knew I was going to get it, and I didn't want to wait forever and then have them run out of the little cube/baskets to put in it! (:
It doesn't really match my room at home, but it matches my apartment furniture better and it kind of (sort of) matches the colors in my bedding and stuff that I use there. As you can kind of see (center row, center bin) I've used it to store a lot of my gym clothes, I have two of them filled up with t-shirts (I have a LOT of t-shirts) and then one with pj pants, another with camis, and then one for running shorts, one for socks, and then a few miscellaneous things in them as well.

Because I got that guy though I now have an extra sterlite thing of drawers that I won't be using. If you know anyone who could use them, let me know! I will let you know the wheels aren't the best working so I might recommend just pulling them off all together. But it has three large drawers and four smaller ones. So if you think you could use it, get up with me, and I'll try and work out a time to meet up with you and give it to you (:

#2- Zach and I went up to a National's game on Friday and after battling with the city for over an hour we finally found a metro and were able to get to the stadium. I returned home safely and was telling my Dad about their stadiums really expensive parking, and how we decided to take the metro into the stadium, and I mentioned we parked in Anacostia and took it into Navy Yard. I was then told (by him) that apparently we parked in the worst and probably one of the most dangerous parts of the city. Awessommmme. Zach took great pride in knowing that he can scare of the toughest gangsters in DC though. Anyway here are a few pictures from the game...
View of the scoreboard from our seats (: Look at how ginormous their screen is!

I thought this was kind of funny... its like that whole side of the stadium looks pretty full... and then there are just like three sections that are completely empty. :P
Zach and us wearing Phillies shirts at a "National's" game. (I put "National's" in quotes because to be honest... pretty sure there were wayyyy more Phillies fans than Nat's fans at the game :P)

#3 - Lately I've been loving non-traditional nail colors. Earlier this summer I purchased Rimmel's "Steel Gray" and I really love the color. At first I thought it looked awful with my complexion but it grew on me quickly (and I swear it got darker!)
Obviously this is a picture I got off line but I wanted to show it to you, and I'm feeling lazy. I also must say the formula of this brand (I also have it in Red Stiletto) is really nice. I use a top coat and a base coat and I barely have any issues with it chipping. Plus it goes on thicker than most so it doesn't look too streaky.

Also, Zach decided he needed to buy me a present so this past Friday before the National's game I got Revlon's "Steel her Heart" which is a darker more blue gray color and I put some on my thumb last night to see if I wanted to paint my nails that color this week (I narrow it down to two colors than decide which one I want by painting my thumb :P) and I really like it.
Again- this picture isn't mine but I wanted to show you the color. This is a bit thinner (and not as great a formula) as Rimmel's Steel Gray but I still really love the color. I think I like these colors because they're not "traditional" but they still feel work appropriate. (: Plus I think they'll be really pretty fall colors!

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Chellz said...

um yea...anacostia is the southeast part of DC....thats where you would most likely get shot up!!!! more likely, your car coulda got tore up/stolen/damaged/u get the picture

next time, i would suggest taking your car to the New Carrollton station (which is either off of 50 or i495, cant remember right now), and take the orange line. transfer on the green line to navy yard.