Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apartment Shopping?!

With another semester coming up I've started to think about the things I want to start looking at for my apartment. Even though I've gone back to the same apartment for what will be three years now, I seem to always find that I need new things come August.

The first thing I am definitely going to need is my own coffee maker. (And nope- if Rooms wants coffee she can buy her own! I'm VERY particular about things- esp things I use on a daily basis as part of a 'routine'). Somehow over the last 3 years of college I've developed a serious dependency on my morning caffeine. It started when I would should up in my Principals of Accounting class at 9AM diet pepsi in hand, and quickly evolved into needed something caffeinated and warm, because the lib. has some serious climate control issues. Plus I really do just enjoy the taste- a lot. It's very calming to me (except- you know when it spills all over the floor of my car).

As such I've been looking at pots online. I've decided I don't want something white because it'll get spotted up with coffee product and I'm way too anal retentive to have a spotted coffee maker.

I'm thinking this one- which is a Mr. Coffee (black) 12 -Cup Maker. It's from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and if I purchase it in store with a 20% off coupon it'll be $24 (or $25.44 with sales tax) which really isn't so bad if you consider that a cup of coffee is normally $1.50. It pays for itself in less than three weeks!!
If you're super curious this is the link to where I found it on BB&B.com (: (just click the word "link"!)

Another thing that I am REALLY going to need to look into this fall is a shoe organizer. I don't have "that"many shoes, but last year they were always all over the floor of my closet, and I just can't deal with that. Especially since I will be working two days of the week at the accounting firm. I need to be able to find what I need when I need it. For that I'm really just looking for a simple over the door shoe organizer.

Again- I found one at BB&B. It retails for $15, and again with the 20% off coupon it'd only be $12 (or $12.72 with tax!). Not the cutest,  but it just needs to do the job!

Again- if you're super interested in finding this EXACT shoe holder you can find it online at this link

The last thing I'm really looking into is a better storage system to replace all my plastic dressers. They did their job, but they're an eyesore and I hate that you can see everything in them. The current alternative to this solution is this little cube creation that Target has. My only annoyance here is that the little basket to put in the holes really add up (6.99ea x 9 holes ... incase you don't want to do the math that's 62.91 BEFORE tax, PLUS the cost of the actual shelving unit).

Anyway- this is the picture of what I had in mind- I'm still kind of on the fence... I don't really want to spend $100+ to store my gym clothes, and PJ's but I really need something!

I was thinking this and getting the green baskets to put in it. The shelving unit is $50. Plus the added cost of the baskets. Ugh! But I need deep storage because my gym shirts and shorts are always getting jammed in my little plastic sterlite things, and its gotten to the point that I don't even bother putting them away anymore.. Not so awesome. If anyone has any cheaper suggestions leave them here, or on facebook if we're friends! My only hesitation is that I don't want it to be too much like a dresser, I already have a full four drawer stand up dresser that's about four feet high that'll be in the room, and I don't want it to feel cluttered (I have space issues!)

Anyway if you want to look more at the cubemaid thing you can do so at this link

Alright! well that's pretty much what I need (: I should get to bed! Five fifteen comes early and I've got 3+ miles to get in tomorrow morning!

Thanks for reading... stay tuned for more!


Chellz said...

you would not share the coffee you made? what if she brewed you coffee! that would be mean!

Emily said...

I dont like people using my stuff! It's really anal retentive I know- but no one ever leaves it the way I want it and cleans stuff the way I think it should be cleaned! I didn't say I'd never share ANY of the coffee, but I don't typically make more of something than I actually need. Plus I also don't believe in sharing food (not like if you make a pan of brownies, but like milk, bread, peanut butter, coffee) I don't think people who are unrelated and live together should share that. It creates a lot of unnecessary stress.