Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Night Ramblings

#1- Last night I downloaded lots of new songs for my iPod. Some of my fav's our "Our Kind of Love" by Lady Antebellum, "Turning Home" David Nail, "I'm Yours" Ron Pope **This isn't the same as the Jason Mraz song, it's better, Swear**

Oh okay, I love it so much I'll insert it here.

Oh PS- Ron Pope if you're out there reading this... I'll be yours ;-) (My shameful flirting is charming right?? Totally untrashy.... I'm sure Zachie doesn't mind)

#2- I want more high heels for work. They hurt my feet but look so good.

#3- I can't wait til I have my first coffee maker. I'm picking out names for him.

#4- We had a 4 way joke email going on at work today. Pretty much made my day.

#5- When I have my own home and tons of money to spend on frivolous things (aka in my next life) I am going to buy a red teapot. How cheery!

#6- I used to collect polished rocks when I was little. I'm honestly not sure what ever happened to them! I had amethyst and tigers eye!!

#7- I love twizzlers. No seriously. I love them. I could eat them for hours. I also enjoy using them as straws for my Diet soda.

#8- When I was 8 someone stole gobstoppers from my Halloween basket. They STILL won't admit they did. Um... hello...gobstoppers just don't go missing. They don't have legs.

#9- I want to go to Maine!! I want blueberries, maple candy, mountains, and sweatshirt weather. I want to track moose down the side of the mountain at 5am (oh the things you don't know about my childhood...) and sit outside on a wooden porch in rocking chairs.

#10- Seriously. I find nothing more annoying than when people trying to have a contest of life woes. I know I do it sometimes too so I guess this can go out to me as well... but seriously. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. So you get up early? At least you get up. So you stubbed your toe, at least you HAVE toes. So maybe you fall down a well, lose your wallet, your dog dies, your cat runs away, your favorite jeans shrank in the wash, and you broke your favorite purse snagging it on the door... um, hello you're living, you're breathing, when compared to the alternative do those other things even really matter? Um.  how's about.. nope!

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Jessica Michelle said...

3) bahaha your funny
9) I want to go to maine too! Tracking moose might be fun now. ahha Back then I wasn't thrilled to wake up at the break of dawn. lol
10) you are so right! If only people could see it like that every time they complained. Me included!haha