Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nobody's Perfect.

1- I have a chronic condition that leads to my inability to ever turn a library book in on time.
2- I get lost everywhere I go.
3- I'm moody and the most irritable person ever sometimes- for pretty much no rational reason at all.
4- I can't resist buying a lip-gloss (or twelve) when it's on sale.
5- I screen my calls.
6- I'm that girl that never knows the right words to the songs but sings along anyway.
7- I leave my hair everywhere I go. I know, super gross. I can't help it. It just falls out and I can't be held liable for knowing the precise location of every single hair on my head at all times. So... sometimes they just kind of... find new homes.
8- I crack my toes all the time.
9- I never respond to events on facebook.
10- I bite my straws.
11- I'm never "satisfied" or complacent. I'm always looking for the next step or more.
12- I am an awful speller. Awful.
13- Sometimes my playful hitting is harder than I intend it to be.
14- I can be pretty selfish.
15- I have no idea where half the states are in our country, and if you were to ask me to point to a foreign country I'd probably point to google. I have no idea where anything in this big world is.
16- When it rains I want sun, when it's sunny I want rain.
17- My skin is allergic to pretty much everything. So is my nose. I sneeze so much that my cube neighbor knows my sneeze pattern.
18- I romanticize everything.
19- I sparknote'd the classics in highschool. Shh- don't tell.
20- I do laundry and fold it, and never seem to be able to actually put it away.
21- I always get nail polish on the outside of my nailbed when I paint my nails.
22- I'll only read chic-lit. I'll only watch chic-flicks. And I honestly like love songs best.
23- I have to have my papers organized in straight piles or I get agitated.
24- I can't keep a pair of shoes clean for more than 2 weeks.
25- If I want a cupcake and I plan to eat it while watching One Tree Hill and someone starts talking to me and ruins my cupcake eating plan... I have to start over again. I have to experience the perfect moment I planned.

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Nadine (beagle4864) said...

1. I never know what I want for dinner.

2. I take my anger out on people.

3. I let people get to me.

4. I don't share my feelings or secrets with people, very inverted.

5. When I DO share, I dump everything I've thought for a LONG time on the person I'm talking to.

6. I bite my straws too! And I don't care, either.

7. I listen to songs on repeat, and then get so sick of them that I'll never listen to them again.

8. I let jealousy become more than me.

9. I have a conscience, but don't always follow what I know is best.

10. I don't do my laundry until the very last possible second- when I have NO shorts left...

11. I fall for my best friends. (guys, obviously)

12. I complain about situations, but shy away from the solutions. ("I don't want to talk to my teacher about it, mom!")

13. I can't focus for the life of me.

14. Homework takes at least 3x as long because of it.

15. I'm easily distracted.

16. I can't follow a workout routine or skincare regimen regularly, just for 2-5 days at a time.

17. I leave objects places. "Oh, I'll do laundry on my way to put this in the den...(6 hrs later) WHERE DID IT GO? WHAT DID YOU ALL DO WITH IT???"

18. I never choose a favorite movie.

19. I don't make a huge effort to talk to kids that aren't in marching band. (sorry)

20. I never get up when I should in the morning.

21. When I have to stay up for babysitting or homework, I complain. Yet here I am in summer, staying up until 12:15 every single night.

22. I love the snow, until February. Then I want sun. Until July. And I rarely get rain where I live, but when I visited Florida I complained about the rain.

22. I watch movies too many times.

23. I try to make other people more confident, but don't try to help myself be a happier, more confident, and self-respectful individual.

24. I yell at my sister when I'm mad, and she (well, the one of them...) is the sweetest girl alive.

25. This was too easy to make.

Next time, do the best things about yourself. Though, I think some of those make you great too. :)