Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes I miss High School

I definitely didn't have a bad experience in high-school. Was I mopey and needy? Yeah but so were 89% of the girls, so I wasn't alone. Did I have a boyfriend? Um... well actually thinking back on it- for almost half of it I did.. so I guess I shouldn't complain there... Did I have a social life? Yes. And I think that's what I miss. I know that people still invite me to things now but either a) I can't come, literally, can't I always have work to do, always or b) I end up going and I don't enjoy myself because I don't feel like I have a lot of 'common ground' with people anymore.

I also feel like the dynamics were different then, I had more free time, and I had way less responsibility. Now I am always constantly 'serious' (Not that I was ever really "goofy" in my opinion) and thinking about the next step. Also- I used to be more "go with the flow" and just do things or say things just so that it didn't cause an argument but somewhere along the line I've 'grown a pair' and don't do that as much anymore. And I guess another things that bothers me- is when I hang out with people now, I feel like I am just "there". My mind is always on something else- and I feel like I'm either not wanted or not liked at all now. Which is weird because in high school I seriously believed that no one could dislike me because I didn't have a strong enough personality to really bug anyone.

Anyway- that's totally not the point of this. I was looking through the very FEW pictures I have tagged of myself in high school and I thought I'd post them here in case a) you've never seen them and you're curious or b) to remind you of some of the good times. :)

I think this is probably the 'youngest'. I was in West Virginia on a trip with my Youth Group and it was traditional to go to Good Will-  I picked this number out for wearing to Church on Sundays ;). Totally kidding- but I did think it'd look great on me!
I think this was also my Freshman year. It's one of my favorite pictures from high-school.
 My friend Amy and I made the mistake of letting someone do our hair. I know what you're thinking- Future Miss. America. We know :)
Beginning of my Junior Year. Our dog Maddie, died and we got two new adorable little puppies.
 Fall of either junior or senior year, I love this picture- I know it's probably just the bad quality of the camera but we BOTH look like we're absolutely glowing. :) In case you were curious- we were playing in the park like all the cool kids do. :)
 "Prom"- Okay- so there are going to be three pictures but in case you're unaware when I was in high school quite literally 95% of my friends, and people I hung out with, were the year ahead of me. I had 2 or 3 friends in my grade- but all my true friends were a year older than me. At my high school you were only allowed to go to Prom as a senior- unless you were younger and the date of the senior. So there was so much drama that year about planning prom and getting me TO prom- and who was going to take me etc. I really honestly thought I'd never get to go.

One of the big "drama" areas was who was going to take me. The guy above (my "husband" Zach, not to be confused with my now fiance, Zach, two totally different people) wanted to go with this one girl- but she said no to him. And then this other guy, who we'll call Frank for simplicity asked me. But before he asked me I already knew that he wanted to REALLY go with B ... or C... I can't remember who was "#1" But if B was like #1, then C was #2, and I was #3 or as he liked to call it "Plan C"- haha. It's not that big of a deal now- but at the time he couldn't figure out why I'd be offended at being "plan C". As it is- I ended up going with my "husband" Zach. I'm not even sure how or if he asked me all I know is that we went together!

This picture is my absolute favorite of me ever. It was taken on my parents camera, and then I just scanned it onto the computer changed the quality to black and white. I remember when I posted this on MySpace I got like legit 50+ comments on it saying how awesome it was. Anyway- the story I wanted to tell under this picture was my "dress" story. That year I had been looking at dresses online with my friend Brittany and I fell in loveeee with this dress. It was gorgeous and exactly the dress I wanted for my prom. Well the problem was that it was $375 dollars, and I had no date for prom. I drooled over it for months and when my birthday came around my friend Brit handed me a note that was like "hey- happy 17th Birthday!!! I know you said you didn't want me to get you anything for your birthday- so I decided not to (which I really didn't care about just by the way).... and then something along the lines of but you're awesome and ask Osman a question" or something like that. So then I kind of half noticed that there were random people were weren't on my "lunch shift" at my table but I was like hey Osman Brit wants me to ask you a question or something like that and all the sudden there were like 10 people who weren't on our lunch shift there- and then all our friends and they all sang happy birthday to me and handed me this card. I opened it up and saw $100 dollars and I was like oh my god that's awesome... and then Osman was like no there are 2 more of those... it was $300 dollars... to use and buy my Prom dress. So basically that dress means a toonnnnn to me because all these people (I mean they gave me the card- there were like 20+ signatures on it) had pitched in and done something really nice for me and it was just probably one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for me. Ahh- teary eyed. This story is officially over now. <3 But if any of you guys are reading this thank you so much- it still warms my heart to think about that. Haha okay I need to stop. I am legit tearing up!
Me and Brit on her 19th birthday :) In case you guys are like "um I thought these were high school pictures" - they are. Like I said all my friends were a year older. This was a really awesome night.... :) But there won't be stories for this one. We'll just let the picture say 1,000 words.
My mommy and me right after I graduated from high school. I came a long way in those 4 years :)
And we'll end on this one :) One of the last pictures taken of me before my big venture off into the college world.

<3 Thanks for reading.

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nice post! We should hang out sometime. Like with Amy. And some magazines. Because there's like a huge stack at my house. k. thanks.

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