Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's always Tuesday...

Another blog I follow is convinced that it is always Wednesday- and I have to say- I am pretty convinced that it is always Tuesday. Anyway... here are some thoughts and things in my head.

1- Room mate issue for next year = 50% solved. Haha- yes, only 50% :P.

2- I was watching The Diary of Anne Frank on TCM last night. It was a 3 hour movie.It started at 9. Around 11:15 I started to get sleepy :( I missed the last 45 minutes. I am soooo sad! :(

3- I went to the gym with my friend Katy yesterday- she suggested we do ab exercises. Pretty sure I did all of 5 situps and my abs are killing me. Note to Emily- you should probably work on this. Kinda pathetic.

4- I got a 102% on my Operations Management Test!!!! :) It's been a kind of blah semester as far as tests go... I was starting to feel incomplete not having the highest grade on any of them haha. You all probably think I'm conceited- and I swear I'm not! I just really enjoy getting good grades, and BAM has been ruling my life all semester so I've had a hard time focusing my energy on anything. And it was really starting to bug me that I wasn't doing as well as usual on all things.

5- Just a sidenote: high test scores don't equal intelligence. I'm welllll aware of this! And I'm not particularly intelligent so my test scores are my way of feeling good about myself ;)

6- I love Carrie Underwood. She's so talented, and her songs are so catchy- and most importantly, not over played. People who love Tay Swift need to switch their MP3 and listen to C. Underwood, clearly you do not know what real female country singers soundlike. And I use the word "singer" to describe Tay Swift lightly... she kind of just talks ... to music.

7- I feel as though I haven't talked about this in a while... so just in case there was a remote possibility of you forgetting... I love coffee. Mmm. I had a cup of Seatles Best this morning. But... I still prefer DD and prob Starbucks to Seatle's Best...

8- I want to go to Seatlle just because of all the coffee shops they have- no lie.

9- I have been craving some Frune (Fractured Prune) lately... mmm. Carnival = Heaven. I don't remember hte last time I had Frune.

10- I am finally, almost done my 3-4 week long work project. Thank Gah!! I had to organize financial information for like 4 years. Sooooo annoying!


Laura said...

It IS always Wednesday. And Tuesday. Haha!

ObviouslyCC said...

50% is better than 0% lol my apartment hunting problem is 50% solved too