Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Thoughts

#1- I know, I know, I know, it's been nearly a week since I've written a blog. Let me explain... last week I was EXHAUSTED between school, and trying to get ready for the 10 miler that I just didn't have it in me. I had group meeting after group meeting, I was trying to hit the gym, I was just POOPED! Sorry I didn't blog... :) I'm sure I was missed.

#2- Wootie-woo-woo! I finished my first ever 10 Miler!!! And I placed in my age bracket. I ran in an hour and 37 miles.. which works out to having under 10 minute miles the whole time. It's nothing super spectacular but it's still pretty good for my first one! I wasn't even doing the race to 'race' I really just wanted to finish in the under 2 hours time bracket.. but I finished 3rd in the Females 20-24 age category! Now before you get all WOW, THAT'S AWESOME! on me,... I have to confess.. they only published the results in the paper, and I'm not exactly sure how many people were IN my age bracket... but I'm gonna hope for at least 4 so I feel like I actually 'won' and didn't default into a winning spae. Either way it was awesome. I might do a seperate blog later all about the event.... because I don't want to ramble on too much about it here!

#3- Speaking of running 10 miles twice in less than 1 week... I have a painful little blister on my foot.... Easter Bunny might be bringing me some new running shoes for Easter. (Probably becuase the Easter Bunny knows I'm too cheap to be responsible and buy them for myself!)

#4- Spring break will officially be here in less than 96 hours. Not as if I'm counting....

#5- I've decided that I am only taking my intermediate class to pass it. I work hard, I really do but I think I am putting undue stress on myself in aiming to get an A or B in the class. I still plan on working hard, but aiming for an A and wanting to cry every time I do badly on a quiz, or don't get a concept is really just too much 'extra' stress. I'm sure the people who I'm interning with this summer would prefer I do excellent in it.. but I've done great in every other accounting class... and my neighbor whose an accountant for Perdue Farms got a C in Intermediate and has been doing quite fine for himself for years. So I think I'm just letting bygones be bygones and aiming just to get through the class at this point.

#6- I painted my nails "Blue me Away" by Sally Hansen last night and they are literally robins eggs blue. It's so not me... but I think they're kind of fun. I don't have any presentations this week, so I think I can get away with it. :) Why not have fun while I can, eh?

#7 I'm having trouble accumulating a 'full load' of classes next semester... I can only seem to find classes for 12 credits becasue all my classes are offered at night.. and they're all on top of each other. I might have to see if I can take Auditing... even though I really wanted to wait on that.

#8- Secret Life is on tonight- I'm readyyy!

#9- Our grades for my Ops. Management test should go up today... I hope they do. I really want to know how I did. Speaking of "how I did" I got my management debate grade back from Friday. We got a 93 HOLLA!

#10 I really want a thick juicy steak. Like a nice one. With potatoes and brocoli. And a diet pepsi. Mmm. Oh man. That'd be heaven!

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Bex said...

#10 sounds absolutely amazing