Sunday, September 9, 2012

Essie's East Hampton Cottage- Swatch Included

This past week I took a few days off of work after my exam to kind of regroup. I had planned the days off months ago thinking that I'd want them to kind of 'celebrate being done'. I didn't know I'd be filled with the overwhelming feeling of dread, being pretty sure that I didn't actually pass my test. Anyway- results don't come out for a few more days, so no more harping. With my time off I refreshed and decided that I kind of felt like caring about my appearances again. That has gone way to the bottom of the important list lately. I went out to pick up some things, new mascara, new eye-shadow, and at the time I'd been thinking a nice berry-read nail color for fall. I stared at the Essie's in my Target for a long time not able to over-come the feeling of, "I have one so similar at home”.

I started looking at the neutral colors and ended up deciding that a clean, fresh nail would go more along the lines of my fresh-start, so I picked up Essie’s East Hampton Cottage. The application of this was probably a 3/5. It was not great, a little streaky at first, but with the second coat I thought it looked fine. I love the color on my skin tone. It really reminds me of ballerina slippers. It is probably best described as a satin finish, which is probably why it reminds me so much of ballerina slippers. Honestly, I really like it. I like that it isn’t a ‘creamy light pink” or a “French manicure pink”. It’s that neutral feel with a little twist. The picture below was at work the next morning (Note my 403(b) CPE book in the background). It’s now Sunday night (I did them Wednesday night) and they still look pretty good. A little tip chipping, but the kind that’s not really noticeable because of the shade. What do you think?

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