Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I'm Lovin' Lately.

Hey everyone!!! The semester is finally over! As such I thought a much needed "Things I'm Lovin' Post" was due! :) I'll have lots more up for the next few months (until inevitably school reclaims my soul). Also! I'll do an update blog later this week but for now I wanted to do something fun, summery, and happy.

#1- Light pink lip gloss.

I got the Covergirl Wetslicks the other day in "Shimmershell (350)" and I am basically in love. Not sticky AT ALL, and it goes on pretty much true to color. It is a bit more "sheer" but I'm fine with that because my lips are dark enough that when it's on.. it looks like it should. If that makes sense?

Also- the second pretty pink is from the MAC "To The Beach Collection" and is called "Easy Lounger." Basically.... I am in love. But $14 for a lipgloss? I dunno if I can do it... maybe once I make the big girl accounting moolah. But seriously. How adorable is the packaging, and the color is precious right????

#2 Colorful Flip-Flops

I have been pretty much a rainbow snob for the last 2 years. Wearing, quite literally, only my rainbows all summer except for when I wanted to wear my black leather sandals (maybeeee once a week, twice max). OR when it was raining sometimes I'd go for another pair. This summer though (induced by a lack of currency due to constantly NEEDING to be in the lib.) I opted to try out some of the old navy flipflops since I was trying to preserve my rainbows. All in all. They're precious. I wouldn't wear them if I wanted to wear flops and do a lot of walking but for just throwing on to run to class, or for just hanging out with friends, totally acceptable. And so cheap!

#3 These Two Songs

J*Beib and S*King Eenie Meenie

This song's too long for me to list all those involved (yes... it's only three people I'm just lazy).

I know you're not judging me for my taste in music. I know you're totally not. Right?

#4 Simple Pendants

We won't talk about the very traumatic, tear jerking, pendant fiasco of 11AM this morning, but just know it was awful. Anyway- I really like simple white gold (or yellow) pendant necklaces. They're so wearable. :)

#5- Adorable Running Shorts
I don't own these (yet...) but they're adorable and can be found at Dick's Sporting Goods. I've been looking for some new running shorts since mine are all aboutttt 3 years old. And I loveee these. I mean how cute are they?! They even have pink :)

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