Saturday, December 4, 2010

What, what? Emily 4 1/2 Years Later!

Soooo I just found my old live journal and I found this little "100" facts thing that I wrote about myself in March 2006 and I thought it'd be fun to comment on the stuff that's still the same.... not the same... and just overall make comments. This might be kind of boring, and probably more interesting for me than anyone else, but I can't sleep... soooo.

100 Random things

Okay, so my friend Tina posted this earlier, and I thought it was an interesting idea, so I thought I'd do it too.

1. My middle name is Elizabeth is after my grandmother on my dad's side of the family.
---- Well I mean, somethings can't change, this obviously is still true :P

2. I have a hard time deciding on my favorite color, because there are shades of almost every color I like. But I really like vibrant Reds, Green, and Purples.
---- Mmm Still true, maybe sans the purple now. I gravitate towards green and red.

3. I'm a bit materialistic, I know money isn't everything, but I really feel like to be happy in life I'm going to need it.
---- I honestly found myself telling someone this week that I don't want to be a rich accountant who makes bank. I want a job that I go to everyday and enjoy. Yes it's going to be in accounting, but I don't want my job to be my whole life, and therefore, I probably won't be rich and I'm okay with that.

4. When no one is watching, I dance.
--- I guess this is still true.... lol

5. My idea of the perfect night is laying out in the grass or on the pavement with someone I have romantic feelings "love" for and talking about everything, and just staring at the sky.
--- Ummm how awkward was the wording "romantic feelings." I mean I understand I was only 17 but seriously... awkwardddd.

6. As long as I don't have to get soaked, I'd rather a rainy day than a sunny one.
--- hahaha still true!

7. I think walks in the rain are amazing.
--- As long as I'm not going to class....

8. Playing the guitar is so freaking sexy to me, like I can't explain it.
--- BARF. Musicians are overrated. Overemotional? yes!

9. Politics interest me, and I'd actually love to work for a congressmen or something at some point.
--- BARF. I hate politics. I get frustrated and can't talk about them haha.

10. I really hate the word boobies, I don't know why, but I just dislike it a lot.
--- Hahaha I have NO idea why I felt the need to share this but it's so random... and I guess still true.

11. School supplies make me smile sooo much. I love getting new ones and organizing them. =)!
--- Umm. Yes.

12. I think I look better in black and white.
--- True! But I think everyone does!

13. I am such an attention whore. And it's funny because I don't want people to know that, but I really am. If you aren't paying attention to me, I get a bit annoyed.
--- Ohhh so true. But I'm not in denial anymore.

14. I'm not very competitive sports wise.
--- Yep!! I suck at sports! I understand/accept that!

15. I'm not very TALENTED sports wise either, though soccer would be my stregnth.
--- Agreed! I've tried tennis since I've written this, still true. Very bad at sports!

16. It makes me sad that I'm not very good at math.
--- I'm EXCELLENT at Math.

17. People tell me I'm smart, and I am smarter than some, but I'm not sure I'm that smart. I wish I were.
--- Nope, pretty sure I'm smart.

18. I hate driving at night, I don't like driving that much period.
--- True! But now I don't have to....

19. I'm very insecure. Sadly.
--- Not really true anymore.

20. I want to spend some time abroad, but I'd be too scared to go to another country.
--- Ehh still scared to go to a foreign country alone (I'm kind of dense about things), but I don't want to really "go" abroad for more than a vacation.

21. Not knowing everything scares me. Like if I don't know exactly where I'm going or where something is, I dont want to go.
--- True, true, true. Some things will NEVER change!

22. I hate wearing baithing suits.
--- Does ANYONE like wearing them... I think the last time I BOUGHT a bathing suit was the year this was written. Seriously.

23. <-- that is my favorite number, I'm not sure why.
--- Still my default #.

24. I think putting on shoes totally ruins the outfit. I tend to like my outfits until I put shoes on.
--- Okay, really weird. I didn't remember I'd thought this back then too. It's still really true.

25. I think chocolate really truly does majorely effect my mood.
---- Yes!

26. I want to learn how to fence!, it looks so amazinly fun.

--- Nope! Probably would kill myself.

27. I like to write, but I don't think I'm any good at it.
--- Nope. I am good at it. Reading other people's writing and getting A's in 300 level English classes taught me that.

28. My grammar is awful, it's truly sad.
--- Still so true. I think Amy almost cried one time when I asked her to proof my paper. Something about too many coma's and no sentences ending...

29. Sometimes, when talking on AIM or emailing someone, there's a word I really want to use, but I won't use it because I'm trying to make an intelligent point and dont want to sound retarded when I spell it wrong.
---- Hahaha still true, although I rarely email or get on AIM.

30. I'm really proud to be Irish, I think it's because its an excuse for me being pale.
--- Ummm sure this can still be true... I don't think about it really

31. I never had a problem with being pale until middleschool, when I found out apparently it's a bad thing.
---- Ditto to the comment above. Yet another thing I don't really think of anymore.

32. I really like animals and think they are cute, though I find that if I ever have a lot they will have to be VERY clean.
---- YES. Gross animal people freak me out. If YOU smell like your cats, its a problem.

33. I LOVE being told I smell good, it makes me feel special.
--- Yep. Still love it. Although it doesn't make me feel "special" its just a nice compliment.

34. I think I'm a chameleon (sp), and I change who I am when I'm with different people.
--- Eh. No. Pretty consistent now.

35. Sadly, I've never been kissed, I know, I'm such a loser.

--- Don't really have a comment about this one...

36. I'm so afraid of new things, it's tragic really
--- What's up with my use of annoying adjectives? It's still true though. For example, only time I've been to a bar to go out to drink was my 21st birthday and we were seated at a table and more well behaved than the 40 something's behind us....

37. Boys make me smile so much.
--- Well.... how about Zach and we leave it at just "smile" haha. They can also be frustrating.

38. No one has ever bought me flowers, other than a random carnation in middle school.

--- False! Zach spoils me rotten with flowers!

39. I really don't think anyone will ever marry me.
--- Have we all SEEN my left ring finger, the gorgeous bling on it clearly proves otherwise.

40. I hate sneezing.
--- TRUE. And somehow it's gotten worse since high school.

41. Waking up after 10 makes me feel like I've wasted a day.
--- YES!

42. I'm an afternoon/early evening person.
--- YES! Although I'm starting to be a morning and afternoon person, evenings make me sleepy.

43. I love really soft things.
--- Hahaha true. There's a soft blanket that I won't even let Zach touch.

44.I'd love to be about 2 inches shorter.
--- True! I hate how tall I am. Although if I was two inches shorter I'd be pretty chunky...

45. I never understood why girls liked shoes, but now I wish I owned like a million pairs.
--- True! Although I still feel like they mess up outfits unless you have JUST the right pair.

46. I'm frugal.
--- True!

#47 had to be deleted because it was WAY too awkward and I didn't want to share it with the audience that might be reading this :P

48. Just being around alcohol makes me feel disgusting.
--- Well obviously this has changed... Although beer in large quantities makes me want to gag, I hate that smell. For example, going to a microbrewery ... yuck.

49. I think if you smoke you're completely gross, and I dont even want to know you.
--- Okay well I guess I've become a bit more accepting but I still don't like to be around it...

50. I dont think I fit in with my cousins what so ever.
--- Awww. Poor cousins. Not true.

51. I liked pickled eggs. Mmm yum!
---- YES! I haven't had them in YEARS though.

52. My friend Pam and I used to eat pickle sandwitches.
--- Hehehe still true. They were delicious!

53. I don't like people to see me cry, but I expect them to know when I'm upset.
--- True. AND NOW I get mad when people don't pick up on the fact that I'm upset.

54. I seriously think I'm going to be lost next year with out my friends.

--- Well clearly that is no longer relavent... (My friends were a year ahead of me and graduating in May and I had a year of high school left).

55. If I'm alone downstairs and it's dark, I run really fast to my room, I don't like being alone in the dark.
--- Still true.

56. I'm an incredibly jealous person.
---- Hmm. I'm not sure if this is true or not anymore... I don't think it is as much.

57. I've never tried drugs and I don't feel the desire to, just ew.

58. Oh man, this girl wants a porsche. Hell yes she does.
--- Okay, now who is going to change their mind on this one?? I mean seriously...

59. I don't see the big deal about cussing, they're just words.
--- True! Although I do wish people understood when it was proper to say them.. for example, not during your debate in management!

60. I like markers, and crayons.
--- True. I haven't used them in like three years though.

61. I wish I was more outgoing.

--- I honestly don't care that I'm not outgoing anymore. It's just one of those things you grow to accept.

62. I'm not a big fan of fruit, I'd rather eat veggies.
--- Still true!

63.. I really do like salads, and I'm not even being a girl.
--- Still true. Although that is some awkward verbage there I think I meant that I wasn't trying to perpetuate that female stereotype.

64. I love getting all dressed up. I wish there were more chances to around here.
--- True! I haven't had an excuse to wear a little party dress in years!

65. I'm pretty against abortion, though, if I got pregnant right now I think the thought would cross my mind.
--- Um.... I don't really want to take a position on this. I feel like age has taught me that somethings I don''t make a statement about unless I want to defend it, and I really don't feel like doing that here soooo moving on.

66. I love eating cookie dough.
--- Okay, seriously. Again who is going to change their mind about cookie dough??

67. I don't like to let myself cry over stuff that matters.

--- I don't really know what this means soooo we're going to say it's not true.

68. Though ironically, I'll watch a girly movie and cry my heart out.
--- Still don't really understand 17 year old Emily's thought process....

69. I enjoy tacos.

70. I really dont think people understand how much I can't stand my vision. And I dont think anyone, except Cindy, understands how much less I can see than they can.
--- This is still true. It's really frustrating to have to explain to everyone that I can't see something. Honestly my life would be easier if people just assumed I couldn't read anything that wasn't 12 inches in front of my face. Also, I wish that people would go a day without their contacts/glasses- because that's my life.

71. I wish people dated more. no one dates, it's either, you're in a relationship or you're not. NO ONE DATES IN THIS TOWN.
--- I don't think that's just this town 17 year old Em...

72. I like to do things.
--- Well okay, I guess I can't argue with me there...

73. I like books, though I loose attention really quickely.
--- Don't lose attention so much anymore. Just less time.

74. I dont like talking on the phone.

--- Eh. I don't care.

75. I think my voice is retarded.

--- Well okay, I kind of know where I'm coming from here, but again I don't care anymore!

76. I know everyone gets picked on, but i feel like people pick on me more, which sucks because I'm not that strong of a person.
--- I don't get picked on that much anymore. I don't really see friends who would do that... and I'm not close enough with most of the people in my classes for them to pick on me. But seriously. People were so MEAN to me in high-school. BULLIES!!! Need I bring up the Brittany Tindall, foot in hand prayer circle memory.

77. Some noises REALLY annoy me, and I just get this rage and I have to get up and leave.
--- Still VERY true. These noises include, but are not limited to, chewing, the wistle some people put on their s's, crinkling bags, and sniffling.

78. I hate when I say NO I DONT WANT TO DO SOMETHING and people don't care that i said no. It is so irksome, you don't even know.

--- I feel like I hated this so much that now whenever I say no to someone I give them 1,000 reasons why I am saying no and explain to them why I can't be persuaded another way.

79. I enjoy slurpees.
--- I don't drink things with calories except for coffee and milk!

80. I think snoopy is so adorable.
--- Oh gosh, this could NEVER change!!

#81 Was incredibly awkward

82. I need to feel safe, if I dont feel safe, I act werid.
--- True.

83. I worry so much I get really bad stomach aches.
--- Still true haha. I think I have anxiety problems.

84. I think I'm a bit of a hypochoriac (sp)
--- I AM a bit of a hypochondriac -- which is what I meant with that above awkward word.

85. I like corndogs.
--- True! Haven't had one in years though!

86. I like.. no love.. compliments.
--- True! Why would this ever change!

87. I over analyze EVERYTHING.
--- Yep, yep, yep, still true!

88. I wish my name weren't so common because I do kinda like it.
-- I don't really care. I mean at least people know how to say/spell it!

89. It facinates me to think that I'm the only person who will ever see the world exactly the way I do.
--- Sure.... 17 year old Emily was rather thoughtful

90. I used to want to be a gymnist.
--- Well obviously my past can't change!

91. I tend to judge others a lot.
--- I think this has only gotten worse with age :P

92. I'm a bit irrational.
--- Hahaha this has DEFINITELY gotten worse with age...

93. Im really bad at poker and black jack.
--- Still true... I only gamble with Zach's money.

94. Sometimes Im very pessimsitc.
--- Eh. Not so much true. I feel like I just get overwhelmed now.

95. I enjoy sleep.
--- True!!!!

96. I feel like I always need to wear a belt.
--- True... weird.

97.I think my eyes are uggly.
--- The color's pretty.

98. I wish I knew what I looked like from someone elses perspective.
--- I don't even WANT to know.. lord the way I leave the house sometimes...

99. I wish I understood economics.
--- NOPE! I don't even want to think about economics. I hate it! I am not programmed to understand it. I do everything backwards and its too closely related to politics. Leave the economics to the guys in DC (who ironically normally don't have economics degrees). Just LEAVE me out of it.

100. I depend on others way too much.

--- Less true now!

Yeah, so hoppefully you've learned something new. Please comment or something since i spent like an HOUR thinking up 100 things about myself. =) I love ya all!


Well this as fun... what's everyone think now? Interesting? Boring?

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