Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review: Lush "Cinders" Bath Bomb & Lush "Christmas Eve" Bubble Bar

Lush's "Cinders" Bath Bomb

All photos were taken by me on my Canon Digital SD 1100 Digital ELPH in the "Macro" setting.

If you read my blog post a few weeks ago I let you guys know that there were three bath products that I wanted to try by Lush for the winter. Cinder's was one of those ones I'd heard about a lot and I'd wanted to try out. A few weeks ago my roommate went home and since they have a Lush near her I asked her to pick me up one.

Here are my thoughts: it smells HEAVENLY. I didn't use this right away so it sat in my room for about a week and every time I walked in my olfactory senses were delighted to take in its lightly spicy smell.  That being said, after about a week I gave in after a particularly stressful day and used it. 

The way these work is when your tub is relatively full (you don't want to do it while its filling up or else it'll be "done" before you get in) you drop it below the faucet and the water starts to dissolve it. As this one dissolves it "crackled" (popped) like a fire. The crackling lasted about 3-5 minutes. While it still smelled nice, the scent wasn't as strong in the water, as it had been in dry form- which was kind of disappointing. It did turn my water a light peachy color, which was nice- but after it finished it's crackling I found myself thinking "now what" no one takes a three minute bath!

I've thought about it and decided that I'm just not a "bath bomb" sort of gal. I like to experience multiple sensations at once, bubble, color, smell, the more senses it can stimulate the better. I tried a bath bomb back in September and hadn't been that impressed, but the fact that this one was supposed to be reminiscent of a crackling fire made me try a second one.  Overall, I'm pretty sure I won't be picking up any more bath bombs. 

Lush's "Christmas Eve" Bubble Bar


Initial reaction? LOVE. First of all the smell on this one is so relaxing. It's a jasmine smell which I thought would be too strong because aromatherapy jasmines tend to give me headaches but this was a really light, lovely, concoction. On top of it being adorable to look at with the crescent moon and the glitter, it was also really nice feeling. I cut this into two pieces (because it's relatively large, and I'd been told you could do so) and crumbled it under the running water (as the tub was filling so the bubbles could completely mature) and it instantly made my hands feel butter-y smooth. I'm not sure if it was an intended property of the bubble bar or not but this felt moisturizing and milky, which was nice. 

It turned the water a nice shade of periwinkle and as you can see from the above photos produced QUITE a bit of bubbles. The bubbles lasted about 20 minutes, and weren't even completely gone when I decided to get out- which is nice, because a bubble bath without bubbles is just kind of sad. The scent of this one is a bit stronger, so it didn't disappear once it hit the water, which was a pleasant surprise. I also had no problem with this "staining" the tub- which is something I've heard that bath products with color in them can do. Overall I really liked this product. I'd happily repurchase it again next year (: 

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xoJamieliscious said...

next time i go to the annapolis mall i will have to try out one of those bubble bars. I had tried the first one you wrote about and kind of had the same reaction you did. It was really cool for 3 minutes then I was wondering what was next haha.