Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- Oh man, oh man, oh MAN! I wore flip flops this morning because I had 9 minutes to get ready and couldn't be bothered to figure out what shoes to really wear. I am seriously regretting that decision!

#2- I'm pretty sure that I never mentioned this on here... but I got an A on my intermediate exam that I took last Monday and I was pretty relieved. Thank Gah! I was so worried that I'd have to drop the class! And I would have just felt bad and worried I was letting my boss at my internship down.

#3- I love sending thank you notes! Especially to women! Why women, you ask? Well- it's simple. I feel bad sending a man a pretty stationaried flowery Thank you note- so for men I just use the my white and silver "THANK YOU" on the outside, thank you notes. But I love my ever-growing collection of possible cards for women!

#4- I'm not so sure what's going on for the roomie situation next year. I hate having to think about this stuff haha. I wish I could find someone who wanted exactly what I wanted, where I wanted, and didn't have to worry about price. It's not that I'm generally an unwilling to compromise person- but in this situation it's really just easier for me to stay where I am already.

#5- Allllll my classes except gym happen after 12PM next semester, and on T/TH I do not have class until 7PM. I am not okay with this. I am going to miss BONES!!! :( Maybe they'll movie it to a Monday or Wednesday night???

#6- I'm in the process of adding adsense to my blogger account. I'm kind of worried about the tax ramifications- but it's not going to change my income bracket- I just don't know like what line to include it on next year, or if they send you like a W2 or what.

#7- I painted my nails "Crushed" last night by Sally Hansen- and its a pretty deep orangey red and I'm in lurve (I'll post a picture later today.. currently I'm typing this in the few minutes I have to spare!). Anyway it's sooo perdy and turned out a little darker than I expected so I would even feel comfortable wearing it to work or something this summer!

#8- Blah- school is a pain. Why is it always so much work? I've outline everything I want to get done each day for the next 2 weeks. I hope it slows done just a smidge after that. :/

#9- It's almost Phillies time <3. I love me the Phanatic.

#10- I have so many places and friends I want to visit this summer, and I feel like they're all kind of over the East Coast at this point. Not being able to drive long distances (because you can't read road signs on interstates :( ) is a realllll big problem though. Maybe everyone will just all come to visit me??? :) :) Pretty please? :)

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