Thursday, January 10, 2013

Four days

I am not going to lie I have been really cranky for the entire week. I mean  really  cranky. I mean so cranky that I am pretty sure even my dogs wish I'd go away. Anyway, the whole point of this is to focus on the happy things- so let's talk about the things that have made me happy, and that I am greatful for over the last few days.

Monday January 7, 2013
- (This one is really hard because I was super grumpy on Monday).  I did manage to make a delicious dinner, and soup for lunches all week.

Tuesday January 8, 2013
- There was a new episode of "The Mindy Project" on. Nuff Said.

Wednesday January 9, 2013
- Zach and I booked our trip to the Inn Boonsboro for the end of April. I cannot wait. While compiling my list of "tax season reading" I decided to read the Boonsboro Inn trilogy, so I am going to save it for last so it will all be fresh right before we go. So glad Sarah talked me into it!

- I decided that in lieu of other hobbies I am going to look into buying a seminice camera (I am looking at the Canon EOS Rebel series) and learn the 'art of photography'. I don't want to be an actual photographer (I know I'd never be that good at it, but I think it's a good hobby for me). I probably won't purchase the camera until later this spring but I think when I do to force myself to learn how to use it I am going to incorporate a picture a day into my blog posts. I also might talk to someone at church and see if I can't take pictures at some of their bigger events. That way I will be able to actually help out around the church doing something that I enjoy.

Thursday January 10, 2013
- I ate a Blueberry muffin for the first time in probably 4 monthes. YUM! I hate finding happiness in food but today that just might be where I find it!

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