Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lush Wish List

I don't really have a "Christmas" Wish-List at the moment- I don't really want anything in particular- and if I do, I normally just buy it for myself. Anyway, there is a bath company that intrigues me, and they currently have their Christmas bath products out and words can't begin to describe how much I "theoretically" want them all. (The closest one is in Annapolis, so um... if I were to go and check them out I might not want them, but theoretically, I want these!) The company is called "Lush" cosmetics. So let's get started on the wish list. (:

"Cinders Bath Bomb" 
According to the Lush website  the scent of this bath bomb is (according to the Lush page) a spicy cinnamon, orange and almond. What's cute about this little guy is it turns your shade a light yellow-y orange but it also crackles as though you're sitting in front of a fire. This seems like it'd be perfect for one of those first nights of the Holiday season right after Thanksgiving. Perhaps after a hard Cyber Monday of shopping?

If you're interested in this product you can find more information on the Lush web-page here.  If you want to order it but want to see how it works before you order it you can also see a demonstration on YouTube.

"The Boogg"

This guy just really interests me, unfortunately I cannot seem to find an image google so you're going to have to go to the Lush website to check him out! Basically what he is though is a white Snowman bath bomb that was inspired by a Swiss tradition where in every year at Christmas they would building a snowman and fill his head with fireworks. They would then place him over a bonfire and see how long it took for him to melt and therefore set the fireworks off. Apparently the longer they would have to wait, the better their following summer would be. I just found it kind of interesting and I think the bath bomb is kind of neat too Your water will change colors as the head dissolves into the water. Pretty neat huh? At least you got a little history lesson!

 "Christmas Eve Bubble Bar"

In contrast to the first two on the list, this is actually a bubble bar, which means instead of just smelling good and changing the color of my water, it is going to bubble up with lots of bubbles. Now I think I'm just partial to this guy because I feel like how cool is it to have a bubble bar that you can use on Christmas Eve night to relax you before Santa comes. In my head I have the night planned out. Come home from church, eat a dinner of Macoroni and Cheese and Ham with rolls (family Christmas Eve dinner, every year), take a bubble bath with my Christmas Eve bubble bar, and then curl up in my red and white polka dot flannel PJ's and watch "The Santa Claus" while I wait to hear the sleigh bells outside? I don't know I tend to build up experiences but I just think that'd be the perfect Christmas Eve night. (If only I could have snow outside too.. ). But seriously doesn't that sound awesome?

If you want to see this one on the Lush website you can view it here. This is another one that I was able to locate a little demo for on YouTube.

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Emma said...

I really want to try Cinders and The Boogg too. I used Christmas Eve last year on the Eve and it really made the night that much more special, so DEFINITELY get it! xoxo